Waterproof LCD enclosure used for passenger information

By | February 1, 2013

PSI protection with waterproof LCD enclosure solutions.

Passenger information systems are now using waterproof LCD enclosure solutions to protect them from the weather and potential attacks.

Passenger information systems.

We often see passenger information systems at any transportation hub, this can be an airport, ferry port, railway station and bus terminals. These all use passenger information systems that comprise all their commercial grade display there is connected to a central computer. The computer gets real time updates for delays, cancellations and maintenance reports that are then displayed on the screens making sure that the passengers are informed at all times on any disruptions to their travel plans.

Without passenger information systems, passengers will be let down and would feel frustrated I probably would not use that form of transport again.

So as you can imagine protecting passenger information systems is critical to the smooth running of the transportation company.

Keeping a happy customer is the way forward and this is why passenger information systems are you successfully in the North American Territories.

Hostile areas for passenger information systems.

Now with the nature of any transportation center, these areas are open 24 hours per day 365 days a year under prone to vandalism and theft. Some of them are under cover with some completely exposed to the elements such as rain, snow and bright sunlight.
In the type of application the passenger information systems need protecting using a waterproof LCD enclosure. These provide the essential protection the passenger information systems hardware requires in such hostile environments.

Unfortunately these hostile areas are policed infrequently making it an ideal target for a vandalism and theft to the passenger information systems, so defending the passenger information systems is essential.

Waterproof LCD enclosure.

waterproof LCD enclosure

A waterproof LCD enclosure is made from steel, has a zinc oxide base coat with a top coat of external grade paint. Each unit comes with two high security door locks that when locked can only be unlocked with the key – no cam, barrel or compression locks as these are opened easily with a penknife.

The more protection the waterproof LCD enclosure provides ranks number one in the purchasing organization decision to buy.
These waterproof LCD housings provide 24×7 protections, 365 days of the year and the highest specification units come complete with a seven year warranty and three years warranty on electronics inside the housing.

When making a decision to protect passenger information, you have to consider the return on investment that the protective housing is going to bring to the company.

The value of waterproof LCD enclosures for passenger information systems.

Now can you put a value on a disgruntled customer? Well by protecting your passenger information systems with a waterproof LCD enclosure this ensures that the relevant information is available to the passenger at all times, even changes in platforms making commuting a pleasurable experience rather than a questionable one.

DOOH USA is a specialist manufacturer of protective housings, the range of colors can be seen here and this includes their waterproof LCD enclosure.