Proenc’s Anti-Ligature Clock Enclosure for Hospitals

Proenc’s Anti-Ligature Clock Enclosures have been developed with hospitals in mind, to ensure patient safety standards are met if not exceeded. This solution has been developed and at present the 4 different designs are patent pending.

What is an Anti-Ligature clock enclosure?

Anti-ligature clock enclosure

Proenc’s design is of a steel enclosure that has sloped edges, the most popular is the 4 sloped sided enclosure, followed by the 3-sided clock enclosure, then the sloped top and bottom clock enclosure with the sloped top clock enclosure bringing up the rear. These designs are developed for different applications and prevent the looping of material around the clock to prevent self-harm.

Each Proenc solution comes complete with the electrically powered digital clock, as an all-in-one solution.  

Applications for the suicide resistant clock enclosures.

  • The 4 sloped sided clock enclosure has been designed to be placed any where on a wall, without limitations in a psychiatric or behavioral health unit.
  • The 3 sloped sided clock enclosure is usually installed flush with ceilings, again in a behavioral health setting.
  • The sloped top and bottom clock enclosure is used in general applications in a hospital and correctional facilities, providing patient protection whilst also protecting the digital clock.
  • The sloped top clock enclosure is used in general use in a healthcare or correction environment that the patients are not high risk, however maximum protection to the hardware is essential


Looking for a battery operated clock solution?

If you are looking for a battery opered clock solution, check out our Ligature Resistant Safety Clock solution that comes complete wirth a large LED battery operated clock. 

ligature resistant safety clock

Installing the Proenc Anti-Ligature Clock Enclosure.

It is a simple as removing the security fasteners, then removing the front cover, using the rear frame to mark the wall and then drill the wall, with suitable fixings for the wall. Secure the back plate to the wall, feed the electrical power to the rear of the enclosure. Fit the digital clock, fix the front cover over the clock and secure back into the back plate with the security fasteners.

Proenc’s Anti-Ligature digital clock enclosure has the same reliable strength that their TV enclosures have, the viewing window is thick Lexan and the front of the unit is secured with high security fasteners. Preventing unauthorized access.

Proenc’s Anti-Ligature clock enclosure are proudly made in the USA and are in stock ready to ship, so no need for lengthy lead times or excessive shipping charges.


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