Sloped Top Anti-Ligature Patient Noticeboard

Proenc’s sloped top anti-ligature patient noticeboard was designed for mild risk applications, as the unit only has a sloped top and provides essential protection for vulnerable patients in psychiatric facilities. 

Sloped top noticeboard.

Sloped Top Anti-Ligature Noticeboard

The sloped top noticeboard comes with the same high build quality and is secured with the same high security locks that’s used on their other range of mental health protective enclosure.

Being manufactured from steel and powder coated white, this is the perfect material to use for a magnetic noticeboard, as the magnets will stick to the rear wall of the enclosure, so the general patient documentation is displayed in a clear and open way.

This patent pending solution is currently available in the follow size, with other sizes to follow:

 57½” wide x 43 ¾” high x 3 deep

Sloped Top Anti-Ligature Noticeboard

For more details on this range of product, please contact Proenc’s sloped top anti-ligature noticeboard support on (862) 234-5981.