Non Loop TV Enclosure

Non Loop TV Enclosure by ProEnc

ProEnc’s steel non loop TV enclosure is one of the most secure in the psychiatric and correctional facility industry. ProEnc have over 7 years supplying their ligature resistant flat panel TV enclosure to this industry.

non loop TV enclosure by proencWhat facilities use non loop TV enclosures and why?

The suicide resistant TV housings are used to prevent self-harm and potential suicide attempts by prisoners and patients alike. The fully enclosed housing (not to be mistaken with a TV cover, more on that later), stops patients and prisoners from looping material around the housing to form a ligature point. Without these protective hospital housings the TV and bracket would be left exposed and pose a possible issue for the facility.

ProEnc’s patent pending solution is the only product on the market with 4 sloped sides, the reason for this was developed over 6 months of worth with architects that advise the Federal Mental Health department on ligature resistant products to use on future builds and expansions. This and several other points below make their solution the most effective prevention against patient/inmate suicides.

Initially a sloped top unit was developed and the architects dismissed this, as material could be jammed into the top edge and looped under the housing to attempt suicide, hence the reason for the suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure with 4 sloped sides.

• Fully enclosed.
• Welded steel construction.
• Audio venting in door – allows TV audio to exit the housing without external speakers.
• Internal adjustable TV bracket that mounts to the rear of the steel housing – up to 600 x 400 VESA.
• 2 high security locks – pick proof! Preventing unauthorized access to the TV.
• Thermostatic cooling system.
• Anti pour system on any aperture – if water is poured through any openings on the protective TV housings, such as the fan vents. It is designed internally to redirect any fluid away from any electronics and out the enclosure – no one else offers this!
• Any holes (such as around the fan) are too small to insert a paperclip, preventing a ligature opportunity.
• The viewing window is 3/8” thick, the thickest in the industry and will withstand any physical attack with furniture.

Non loop tv enclosuresWhy a fully enclosed housing is better than a cover.

Currently on the market, there are 2 options, a partial enclosure and a fully enclosed enclosure. The definition of an enclosure from Wikipedia can be read at So let us look at both options in a constructive way.

Both units are secured to the wall by similar means, using anchor bolts but the strength of the unit is determined by the structure of the rear, remove the rear panel and the integrity of the enclosure is reduced by 73%! As you can see from the video below comparing a partial enclosure to a full steel enclosure.

So when a patient has an incident and tries to pull the enclosure from the wall, the only things preventing the housing from being ripped off the wall is the 4 small brackets around 2” square. Now compare this to ProEnc’s enclosure with a full back panel, the integral strength is vastly superior.

non loop tv enclosure poorly mounted

Poor mounts for partial enclosure.

• In a physical attack, the partial enclosure can be smashed as its material is plastic and the material can then be used as a weapon on employees, steel cannot!
• Once pulled from the wall the cover can be thrown as people. But a steel enclosure would have to be jemmied off the wall and we all know jemmies are not allowed in these facilities. A fully enclosed unit would also be too heavy to thrown at anyone, as they tend to weigh around 150lb!

As you can see this would then leave the flat panel television vulnerable, so it could be damaged and again used as a weapon. Hopefully you can see the advantages of a steel, non loop TV enclosure from ProEnc, especially when you discover the price! As we offer a price challenge to provide the most cost effective solution – dare you take up the challenge?

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