ProEnc’s Recessed Enclosures

ProEnc’s recessed enclosures are the newest product to be launched after being developed by a leading healthcare facility to accommodate electronic equipment including flat screen televisions to DVD and games consoles.

recessed enclosures

ProEnc’s recessed enclosures for healthcare and correctional facilities.

Due to ProEnc’s well established reputation for the manufacture of protective steel enclosures to the mental health and correctional facilities, they have spent over 12 months developing 2 new products that are unique to the market; this is down to the innovative attitude of the businesses management.

ProEnc announce their recessed enclosure solutions.

ProEnc are proud to announce that they also offer two types of recessed units:

recessed TV enclosures for psychiatric units, this allows the televisions to recessed into the wall, freeing up valuable wall space. Sometimes facilities need to install a specific protective housing that will accommodate either a DVD player or games console, (usually in a childrens environment). This is when the recessed DVD enclosures and games console enclosures can be used..

We all know that space in any facility is at a premium, this is why some facilities are looking at using the voids in their walls to accommodate the electronics such as TV’s and games consoles.

You can follow the links above to request more information on these products or call them on 862.234.5981 to discuss your recessed enclosures requirement.