Psychiatric TV enclosures By ProEnc

ProEnc’s Psychiatric TV enclosures.

ProEnc’s psychiatric TV enclosures are used in most new builds, refurbishments and extensions due to their high quality and cost effective price; whilst protecting client’s from harming themselves and others in their vulnerable state of mind.

When mental health hospitals are planning a new build or refurbishment, they have to consider anything that is going to pose a ligature issue, this range from the door handle, the shower taps to the curtain rails. If you are fortunate, not to have been touched with a mental illness, you can only imagine what these vulnerable people are thinking and will do to hurt themselves. This is why ligature resistant products are needed in mental healthcare, including suicide resistant TV enclosures.

Let us look at psychiatric TV enclosures.

This is where customers are getting confused, as they are thinking that a cover is an enclosure, so let’s look at psychiatric TV enclosure options below.

There are 2 types of ligature resistant TV enclosure solutions on the market, the first is a cover; this has no back and bolts around the existing TV and wall bracket. The other solution is a full housing, that has a back and has a built in TV bracket for mounting the TV inside the enclosure.

ProEnc’s psychiatric TV enclosures.

Made from sheet steel, welded for maximum strength and powder coated white (other colors available upon request), this protective ligature resistant housing is recommended to be bolted to the wall with 1” anchor bolts, preventing it from being pulled off the wall.

  • The viewing window is the thickest in the ligature resistant industry; the door is secured using concealed hinges and locked with 2 high security locks (used in safe deposit boxes – pick proof!)
  • Internal TV bracket that will take most TV’s with the following VESA mount: 75 x 75, 100 x 100, 400 x 200 and 600 x 400.
  • Thermostatic cooling system with anti liquid pour system, this prevents any hardware inside being damaged, should a patient deliberately pour liquid into the TV enclosure in a psychiatric environment.
  • It is impossible to loop material around the ProEnc enclosure to form a ligature point when mounted on the wall.

psychiatric tv enclosuresPsychiatric TV covers.

TV covers are usually constructed from a basic aluminium skeletal frame, with the plastic panels inserted into the ridges in the aluminium profiles, these covers are secured to the wall with 4 small L brackets and wood screws. The customer has to assemble the product.

Pros for covers.
Usually made from plastic – replacement parts available quickly when broken during a patient attack.

Cons for covers.
• Easy to damage, more expensive than a steel enclosure.
• Has to be assembled – extra cost in man hours.
• No rear TV bracket supplied as standard.
• 1 Cam locks used – easy to open
• Small brackets hold the cover to the wall with ¼” wood screws and are easily pulled from the wall during an attack.
• Acrylic panels 5mm thick for the sides are fragile and once kicked or punched will break and used as a weapon.
• Thin viewing window easy to break and use as weapon
• Material can be used to form a ligature point by forcing material into the joints of the frame and plastic side panels.
• Costs more than you think.

ProEnc’s protective television housings are available for screens 17″ to 70″.

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