ProEnc’s Anti-Ligature DVD Player & Games Console Enclosure

Using ProEnc’s manufacturing experience, they have developed a surface mounted DVD player and a games console enclosure. These protective steel enclosures, ensures the hardware is protected at all times whilst the patient or prisoner can use the DVD player or games console.

Surface Mounted Anti-Ligature DVD Player & Games Console Enclosure.

Manufactured with 4 sloping sides to ensure material is not looped around the housing, inside the enclosure is a bracket to mount the DVD or games console too and the cables enter the enclosure through a rear cable cutout. The enclosure is then secured using ProEnc’s high security locks and patent pending design, the 3/8” thick Lexan window enables the remote control for the games console or DVD player to be operated without issue. This protective enclosure will accommodate hardware with the following maximum dimensions: 18” wide x 13” high x 2 ¾” high.

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You Need It Recessed? ProEnc’s Got That Covered!

For ultra-secure applications, ProEnc have also developed a recessed DVD player enclosure that fits between standard 16” wall studs with cable access through the wall and into the recessed part of the protective DVD player enclosure. The recessed protective case will accommodate DVD players up to a maximum size of 15” wide x 11 ½” deep x 6” high.

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