Suicide Resistant Protective TV Enclosures By ProEnc

Suicide Resistant TV enclosure.

Suicide-resistant TV enclosures have been approved for use in behavioral and mental health units, ensuring essential security measures are in place. Their anti-ligature design is crucial for protecting both patients and equipment in these sensitive areas. These enclosures are available for TVs ranging from 17″ to 75″, making them versatile enough to meet different behavioral facility needs and room sizes. This wide range of JComm (JCAHO) Compliant casings shows a strong commitment to providing thorough protection solutions in various settings.

suicide resistant tv enclosure

This protective, suicide-resistant TV enclosure is ideal for behavioral healthcare facilities needing to prevent self-harm. Firstly, it is designed with patient safety in mind. Additionally, the NL TV Enclosure protects facility equipment. It also includes a universal tilt VESA mount and security hardware. Furthermore, the NL range, with no external seams, meets Joint Commission standards for hospitals and behavioral health facilities.

Broad Compatibility: It fits TV sizes from 17 to 75 inches, making it versatile for various settings.

Versatile Mounting: Moreover, it supports VESA 200 x 200, 400 x 400, and 600 x 400 mm patterns, covering a wide range of installation needs.

Easy Installation: It comes pre-assembled for simple installation by a single person, depending on the enclosure’s size.

Flush Design: Additionally, the flush design eliminates any potential ligature points, enhancing safety.

Durable: It features a 3/8″ optical-grade polycarbonate panel for high impact resistance, ensuring longevity.

Aesthetic and Practical: Lastly, it has a textured white finish, providing both an appealing look and practicality.


Suicide-resistant protective TV enclosure technical documents

Suicide resistant TV enclosure cut sheet

Installation Guide


Security is essential.

Each protective enclosure is supplied with 2 keyed-alike locks, each lock has 2 keys.

These locks provide the highest security while be almost pick proof.

The 7 lever deadlocks are know for being the most secure.

TV Bracket (supplied)

Each enclosure is fitted with a tilting TV bracket.

VESA size 600 x 400

Fits VESA: 100 x 100, 200 x 200, 400 x 400 & 600 x 400

Protective TV enclosures, resistant to self-harm or suicide attempts, play an essential role in the safety protocols of behavioral health facilities. Firstly, they safeguard patients, especially those with heightened risk profiles, by restricting access to any part of the television that might be used for self-injury or to harm others. Additionally, these enclosures use robust materials, ensuring they stand up against efforts to break or tamper with them.

Consequently, they eliminate the chance of leveraging the TV or its parts as tools for self-harm. By integrating these protective measures, facilities can foster a safe and nurturing space, emphasizing both the mental and physical well-being of at-risk individuals. Ultimately, this strategy focuses on prevention, which is instrumental in the wider effort to decrease suicide attempts within these environments, where the continuous observation and care of patients are paramount.

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