Suicide Resistant TV Solutions By ProEnc

ProEnc’s Suicide Resistant TV Solutions.

ProEnc’ s suicide resistant TV cabinets are used in behavioural and mental health units, preventing vulnerable patients and from harming themselves.

suicide resistant tv enclosure

What is suicide resistant?

Well first we have to look at suicide itself; this is the act a person does to themselves, to intentionally take their own life. Now this can be down to several factors, such as; mental illness, personality disorder, drug or alcohol addiction and even schizophrenia.

It is a known fact, once someone tried to self-harm, they will continue until they are successful at suicide, which is sad.

A report for carried out in 16 American states in 2008 that discovered the main factors in suicide are:

  • 45% mental illness
  • 32% intimate partner
  • 28% recent crisis
  • 22% physical health
  • 12% problems at work
  • 12% financial problems

ProEnc’s suicide resistant TV protection.

ProEnc have designed a specialized protective psychiatric TV enclosure, which protects the television from unauthorized access and damage. As well as the damage, patients cannot access the mounting bracket or cables to use as an aid in their suicide.

Their protective suicide resistant TV solution is made from steel, fully welded and powder coated white.

This is mounted directly to the wall and the TV is mounted on the supplied TV bracket, which can be tilted if required. Once the television is mounted securely on the bracket, the door is secured into position with 2 concealed hinges and 2 high security locks – this is the most secure but yet, most cost effective solution on the market for behavioural and mental health facilities.

ProEnc’s suicide resistant TV enclosure will withstand chairs and heavy objects being thrown at the front viewing window, due to how it’s mounted and the thickness, again this was specified at 3/8” thick.

Suicide Resistant TV Solution video.

Avdantages of a ProEnc housing.

  • High security locks – others use locks that are easily opened.
  • Thickest viewing window in the industry at 3/8”– the average is less than ¼”.
  • Concealed hinges – others have exposed hinges.
  • Vents are small to prevent material being looped into them – competitors units have much larger vents that can be used as ligature points.
  • Steel construction – some units are plastic!
  • ProEnc’s patent pending design has 4 sloping sides, to prevent material being looped around the case – competitors units have a sloped top which will enable loping of material and a potential ligature issue.
  • Internal television bracket supplied as standard – our competitors offer this as an additional cost.
  • Thermostatic cooling system –competitors units do not offer this if they do it is a costly extra.
  • ProEnc’s solution encloses the TV, some competitors units just cover the front and have no back to them, reducing the overall physical strength of their product.
  • ProEnc’s finished product is powder coated white internally and externally to blend into hospital environments – some competitors recommend that paint inside the frame of their cover to march the wall, so the unit appears to have a back.
  • ProEnc’s unit comes ready assembled, straight out the box, some units have to be assembled and break whilst assembling them using the tools supplied and recommended.

Data sheet with discount coupon is here => Suicide Resistant TV Enclosures

ProEnc has many years providing their protective housings to facilities that suicide attempts are a real challenge and are high risk. They are the innovators in providing protective housings for healthcare and correctional facilities. Why not partner with ProEnc to supply your protective TV cases, because they offer the best product in the industry and the most cost effective.

Call ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your requirements for suicide resistant TV protection.