Creating Inclusive Spaces with ADA Compliant TV Enclosures

ADA compliant TV enclosures help create an all inclusive environment for all. When walking into a public space, be it a bustling airport, a serene hospital waiting room, or an energetic shopping mall.Finding yourself immersed in a world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is acknowledged and catered to.  A Step Towards Inclusivity with ADA… Read More »

Enhancing Safety with Suicide-Safe Enclosures

Suicide-safe enclosures are lifesavers, quite literally. These protective anti-ligature barriers, strategically placed in faciliites, serve as a crucial deterrent to suicide attempts. By offering a physical barrier and fostering mental health awareness, they play a vital role in preventing tragedies. In an increasingly aware world, suicide-safe enclosures remind us that every life is worth safeguarding.