Ligature-Safe Notice Board

Proenc’s Ligature-Safe Noticeboard For Patient Protection.

The only American Made Ligature Safe Noticeboard for the increase in patient care policies that have to be available to patients, as well as menu’s and other informational documents, Proenc have 4 patent pending designs for anti-ligature patient noticeboards.

The paperwork for the patients care are easily arranged within the enclosure, by using small magnets, to fix the paperwork to the rear of the enclosure.

anti-ligature patient noticeboard

Manufactured from sheet steel and welded for maximum strength and rigidity, the enclosure is recommended to be bolted to the ceiling u sing 10 x 8mm bolts into a Cinder block wall.

The enclosure is tapered on all 4 sides, so should a patient try to loop material around the frame, the material will slip off. The tapered enclosure also allows the patient rights, menus, etc to be displayed safely using magnets to hold them on the back of the enclosure.

anti-ligature noticeboard

Proenc’s enclosure body has concealed hinges and the door is secured with 2 high security locks, whilst the notices are protected behind 1/8 thick virtually unbreakable viewing window in the industry which is polycarbonate.

Each ceiling mounted enclosure comes as standard with:

  • Concealed hinges.
  • High security locks x 2.
  • Welded steel construction.
  • Powder coated white.
  • Thick polycarbonate viewing window.
  • 3 year warranty on the enclosure.
  • Patent pending for the following designs: 4 sloping sides, 3 sloping sides, sloping top and bottom and sloping top noticeboard enclosure.

Available size:

57½” wide x 43 ¾” high x 3 deep. (More sizes to follow on our patent pending 4 designs.)

Patent Pending Designs:

Sloped Top Anti-Ligature Noticeboard.

Sloped Top and Bottom Patient Noticeboard.

3 Sloped Sided Anti-Ligature Patient Noticeboard.

anti-ligature noticeboard

The product code is ALPNB574, for more information on Proenc’s ligature-safe noticeboard for psychiatric facilities, contact our support line on (862) 234-5981.