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At PROENC LLC, we are dedicated to creating safe and secure environments for correctional and psychiatric facilities. We understand the unique challenges faced by these institutions and the importance of maintaining a secure and hazard-free environment. Our comprehensive range of products includes anti-ligature protective TV enclosures, suicide-resistant TV solutions, recessed television enclosures, suicide safe TV enclosures, secure noticeboards, and suicide-safe clocks, these suicide resistant solutions are all designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of such facilities.

Anti-Ligature Protective TV Enclosures: Ensuring Safety without Sacrificing Functionality

Our ligature-safe TV enclosures are specifically engineered to prevent self-harm and protect both patients and staff. These enclosures are constructed with robust materials, featuring tamper-proof fasteners and a reinforced design to eliminate potential ligature points. They provide a safe and secure housing for TVs, ensuring that they cannot be used as a means of self-harm while maintaining full functionality and visibility for educational and recreational purposes.

Proenc ligature resistant tv enclosure

Ligature-Safe TV Enclosures: Balancing Safety and Aesthetics

Our ligature-resistant TV enclosures offer a discreet and elegant solution without compromising safety. Designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, these enclosures effectively prevent tampering or misuse while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. With their reinforced construction and innovative locking mechanisms, our ligature-resistant enclosures provide an extra layer of security for both patients and staff.

Recessed Television Enclosures: Space-Saving and Safe

Proenc's recessed tv enclosure for psychiatric facilities

Proenc’s recessed TV enclosures are ideal for facilities with limited space. By integrating the enclosure directly into the wall, we maximize the available space while ensuring the safety of patients and staff. These enclosures feature a flush-mounted design, eliminating any protrusions that could pose a risk. With their durable construction and secure locking system, our recessed enclosures offer a sleek and space-saving solution that doesn’t compromise safety.

Secure Noticeboards: Communication Made Safe

anti-ligature noticeboard

Communication is crucial in correctional and psychiatric facilities, and our anti-ligature noticeboards provide a safe platform for information sharing. These noticeboards are designed with rounded corners and edges, preventing the attachment of ligatures or other harmful objects. Constructed from durable materials, our noticeboards withstand the demands of daily use while maintaining a secure environment for all.

Anti-Ligature Digital & Analoge Clocks: Promoting Safety and Routine

anti-ligature analogue clock enclosure

Maintaining a structured routine is essential in correctional and psychiatric facilities, and our anti-ligature clock enclosures ensure accurate timekeeping without compromising safety. These clocks are designed with anti-ligature features, eliminating any points that could be used for self-harm. With their robust construction and clear visibility, our anti-ligature clocks offer a reliable and safe timekeeping solution for facilities of all sizes.

ligature resistant digital clock

Ligature resistant safety LED clocks for behavioral health facilities, featuring lare LED clocks is a new product range. These are battery powered for easy deplyment and trouble free installation.

Trust Proenc LLC for Your Safety Needs

At Proenc LLC, we prioritize safety above all else. Our extensive range of anti-ligature and ligature-resistant products are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest safety standards. We understand the unique requirements of correctional and psychiatric facilities, and our team of experts is committed to providing tailored solutions that promote a secure and hazard-free environment.

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Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of anti-ligature TV protection, ligature-resistant TV solutions, recessed TV enclosures, anti-ligature noticeboards, and anti-ligature clocks. Secure Solutions is here to assist you in creating a safer environment for all.