Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure By Proenc

Our NL range of ligature resistant TV enclosures offers both protection and functionality, preventing access and damage to your facility’s televisions. Its design ensures a modern look while safeguarding your equipment.


Proenc’s Ligature-Resistant TV protection starts from $953*

NL26 for TVs up to 26″
NL36 for TVs up to 36″
NL46 for TVs up to 46″
NL55 for TVs up to 55″
NL65 for TVs up to 65″
NL75 for TVs up to 75″

AntiI-Ligature Design – Engineered To prevent Ligature Attempts

The NL range is built with industrial-grade, cold rolled steel sheet and Polycarbonate. Its 4 sloped sided design prevents ligature or looping across the unit. The 1/4-inch thick optical-grade Polycarbonate front protects the TV screen from damage while ensuring clear and optimal viewing. The rounded edges and corners enhance safety and contribute to the unit’s sophisticated design.

The NL range of anti-ligature TV enclosures include:

  • Anti-Ligature Enclosure made from Powder Coated Mild-Steel
  • Heavy Duty TV Enclosure – Designed for Behavioral Hospitals, Detention Centers & Jails
  • Enclosure fits seamless against the wall
  • TV is angled down 15-degrees for optimal viewing with the included TV bracket
  • High security locks
  • Shatter-proof Lexan window

Proenc’s Protective TV Enclosure – Anti-Ligature

Upgrade Your TV Display Protection

Enhance the safety and security of your TV displays with our innovative 4 Sloped Sided TV Enclosure – Anti Ligature. This sleek, functional enclosure is perfect for hospitals, medical facilities, detention centers, and more, combining style with essential safety features.

Anti-ligature TV protective enclosure

Our 4 Sloped Sided TV Enclosure fits various screen sizes from 17 inch to 75 inch, ensuring compatibility with most flat panel TVs.

Built from durable materials, it offers long-lasting protection and keeps your electronics secure.

The 15-degree TV mount provides optimal viewing while keeping the TV safely out of reach.

Advanced Safety Features

The enclosure’s sloped sided design fits flush against the wall, eliminating ligature points. It features rounded edges, high security locks, and closures for enhanced security, preventing self-harm and ensuring safe TV viewing in high-risk environments.

4 Sloped Sided TV Enclosure

Our enclosure features a robust, clear polycarbonate window that protects your flat panel TV while ensuring a clear view. The 15-degree TV mount tilt offers ergonomic, above-eye-level viewing, making it ideal for comfortable use.

Angled Sided TV Enclosure for Medical and Care Facilities

Our anti ligature TV enclosure is engineered to withstand water, dust, tampering, theft, and ligature threats. Adhering to Joint Commission Standards (JCAHO), this enclosure boasts sleek angled sides, offering a seamless, flush wall installation. For hospitals seeking a microbe-resistant finish, an antimicrobial powder coating is available.

These enclosures are perfect for hospitals, psychiatric treatment centers, behavioral health facilities, assisted living communities, and other medical environments. The angled sides enhances security for both patients and staff. Its tamper-proof design ensures the safety of your electronics by making unauthorized access difficult. By mitigating ligature and tampering risks, it helps prevent self-harm and potential harm to others, creating a safer and more controlled environment for both your valuable equipment and healthcare facilities.

Security Features of NL TV enclosures.

Designed to meet Joint Commission Standards (JCAHO) for hospitals, this enclosure enhances patient safety with optional antimicrobial powder coating. Proenc’s TV protective enclosures are all fitted with high security pick-proof locks, ensuring unauthorized access is prevented. The viewing window is 3/8″ thick of unbreakable polycarbonate, and durable construction prevent self-harm and secures electronics.

TV Enclosures for Correctional Institutions

Designed for correctional facilities, the Sloped Sided NL range is the premier solution for ensuring staff  and resident safety. Its seamless design, industrial-grade locks, sloped sides, heavy-duty steel construction, and secure polycarbonate window provide the ultimate in protection. This ligature-resistant TV enclosure is built with exceptional strength and impact-resistant materials, making it highly resistant to tampering or damage. Engineered for durability, it guarantees long-lasting performance in even the most challenging environments.

Cooling your electronics

Our enclosures come equipped with 1 x 220V, 4 ¾ inch square high air-flow cooling fan that is thermostatically controlled.

Our cooling solution is designed to recirculate the air inside the enclosure 15 times per minute, while remaining almost silent.

Ensuring your electronics are kept cool.

Why Choose Us

We carry most sizes of protective TV enclosures in stock, for immediate delivery.

With over 20 years of experience, our 4 Sloped Sided TV Enclosure is trusted in over 597 healthcare and detention facilities. Upgrade your TV protection with our top-quality enclosures, ensuring safety and security. Contact us today for a quote and see how our products can enhance your facility’s safety.

Product Specifications


Ships WithSizesCodes
White NEMA 12 enclosure, Epoxy Powder Coated27″ – 36″NL36
3/8″ Lexan viewing window37″-46″NL46
Tilting TV Mount47″ – 55″NL55
Thermostatic cooling system & high security locks56″ – 65″NL65

Enclosure Weight & Dimensions

The Tilted Sloped Top is thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom. This is to be able to angle down while keeping an the entire enclosure as one single piece.

  • 36″: 65 lbs. – 42 1/4″ x 31 1/2″ x 8″
  • 46″: 92 lbs. – 48 5/8″ x 35 7/16 x 8″
  • 65″: 152 lbs – 59″ x 45 1/4″ x 8″

Technical Documents.

Proenc NL Range Cut Sheet

Installation Information.

ProEnc’s Ligature Resistant TV Protection For Behavorial Facilities

Call us to discuss your project on (862) 234-5981. Credit terms available upon approved credit (OAC). For orders of 5 or more enclosures, please contact us for a quote to receive our best pricing.

Our range of ligature-safe TV solutions complies with all the necessary protection for behavioral health and correctional facilities.