Anti-Ligature RFID Enclosure

Anti-ligature RFID enclosures by Proenc, for modern technology in mental health facilities as well as correctional facilities.

Proencs RFID range of enclosures are designed for every application and come in the following designs.

  • Sloped top
  • 2 sloped sides
  • 3 sloped sides
  • 4 sloped sides

Why Proencs Anti-Ligature RFID Enclosure.

Designed around the Smartspot RFID and the Airister BLE beacons, enabling modern communications to be deployed in any hostile environment, whilst keeping everyone safe and preventing ligature opportunities.

Proenc have been working with several key players in the beacon industry and have developed this product with them.

**All 4 designs are patent pending. **

For details on the anti-ligature RFID enclosure contact Proenc on (862) 234-5981.