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Multi-Purpose Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet

Proenc’s Multi-purpose anti-ligature TV cabinet is designed to the same high specification of all their other television enclosures. However, this unit is ideal for storage of patients/inmate’s personal affects. Applications for Proenc’s Multi-Purpose Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet. Proenc’s Sloped 3-sided Multi-Purpose TV Cabinet is ideal for storing and securing personal items, such as clothing, books and… Read More »

Anti Ligature TV Enclosure Discount Coupon August 2022

Proenc LLC have the pleasure in offering the 2 following anti-ligature TV enclosure discount coupons for August 2022. When companies are looking for Proenc’s NL26, throughout the month of August we are offering $99 discount off per enclosure. As a further discount Proenc are offering throughout August and September 2022, a discount of $199 per… Read More »

Correctional Facilities in the 21st Century

Ligature resistant TV enclosures for a leading 200 bed correctional facility in Texas and as part of the project, they needed various safety products to prevent inmates from self-harming. Providing a 21st Century solution.   Proenc offered their NL55 TV enclosures which are the highest grade of suicide resistant TV enclosures. Initially 57 units were… Read More »

Suicide Resistant TV Enclosures By Proenc

Proenc’s suicide resistant TV enclosures are known for their quality coupled by the companies 3-year warranty which is the longest in the behavioral health sector. These reasons are the driving forces why US correctional facilities are purchasing their suicide resistant products. During COVID Proenc maintained a constant supply to the key worker sector of protective… Read More »

Ligature Resistant Protective TV Enclosure |NL

Since 2012 Proencs have been manufacturing ligature resistant protective TV enclosure units, which is also known as the NL Range. Proenc’s Ligature Resistant Protective TV Enclosure. Proenc developed their NL range with a consulting architect who advised the Joint Commission on products that prevent ligature. Proenc’s enclosures also prevent damage to the facilities televisions, and… Read More »

Behavioral Health Ligature Resistant TV Enclosures

Proenc’s surface mounted TV enclosures are specifically designed for behavioral health and correctional facilities. The NL range covers flat screen television from 17” to 75”. What makes Proenc design so in demand is that the protective steel housing has four sloping sides. This prevents material from being tied around the protective housing once it is… Read More »

Ligature Resistant Protective TV Enclosure

These enclosures are designed to be mounted over an existing wall mounted TV. They are available for screens from 15 to 89 inches, with custom sizes available. Manufactured to the same high standard as the PROENC NL range of enclosures, this range the MR is designed for less religious applications, when ligature resistance is still… Read More »

Anti-Ligature Noticeboard For Behavioral Health Facilities

Proenc’s anti-ligature noticeboard is recent addition to their portfolio for patient protective products in the behavioral health sector.   Manufactured from steel and powder coated in white to provide a pleasing yet protective way to display patient notices and information in medium to high-risk facilities. Proenc’s anti-ligature noticeboard sizes. Proenc currently produce 2 sizes which… Read More »