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How To Waterproof Your LCD TV

When you install a TV in your backyard, howeever there is an all in one solution the LCD Enclosure, perfect for the backyard as well as providing outdoor digital signage protection.

Outdoor Digital Signage – Coping with extreme cold and extreme heat

Outdoor digital signage needs protecting from the extreme cold as well as the heat, either one can kill a TV display, so getting the right LCD enclosure is essential.

Outdoor TV Systems – Make For A Perfect Summer of Sport

Outdoor TV systems are a must have for this summers sports fixtures from soccer, cricket, motor racing and even cricket, if you are not planning to watch these events in your back yard or beer garden, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Digital Signage That Is Used At Sports Venues

Sports and entertainment venues are turning to digital signage to create an extra income stream and at the same time engage with visitors making their experience an enjoyable one.

Outdoor TV Cabinets for TV protection

There are many types of protective TV cases, including dust proof LCD enclosures, waterproof LCD enclosures and weatherproof LCD enclosures but they are all for different uses. Dust proof LCD enclosures. These are normally used in factories were there is a large dust or carbon presence in the air, this type of protective case are… Read More »