Garden entertaining using an outdoor TV enclosure

By | January 28, 2013

Outdoor TV enclosure for protecting backyard TVs.

Entertaining within the garden using an outdoor TV enclosure can improve communications within a family.
Sounds crazy, but remember the last time you had a family get to getter? The grandchildren running around all wanting to watch something on TV, with the adults outside catching some rays. It went from enjoyable to a chore, but now there is a solution.

Making garden entertaining fun.

When entertaining in a garden, you need to make sure there is something to do for everyone, this includes all ages. Remember the children have limited memory and soon get bored, by putting an outdoor TV could occupy them and then when they are fed hopefully they fall asleep and can then be put to bed inside, whilst the adults talk and catch up.

Outdoor equipment.

outdoor TV enclosure

We all have a bbq, or outdoor grill but some lucky home owners have outdoor wood fired pizza ovens with, these make a central focal point within the garden for everyone to gather.

This central focal point allows us to talk about family stuff and catch up from the winter months on what we have been doing and future plans. But another benefit of an outdoor TV is that we do not have to cut the family visit short, having to rush home to watch our favorite TV program or football game. Now the adults can watch this all together in the garden as a family.

Outdoor TV enclosure.

These are available in both plastic and steel; there are some restrictions to both, read on to learn more.

Plastic TV housing, these are a cheap solution that offers no theft protection at all, as these housings are easily opened with a penknife! They are only good for the summer months as they do not the facility to put a heater inside the unit as this will melt the housing.

Steel outdoor TV enclosure, these are classed at the ultimate in outdoor TV protection, these come with internal mounting brackets, high security locks and toughened glass viewing windows. The steel outdoor TV enclosures are a much more secure solution however the little bit more expensive than the plastic TV housings but the steel TV enclosure offers 5 times more protection.
The idea of someone not protecting a TV outdoors is ridiculous it is the equivalent of leaving you back door opened and still expecting your home not to be invaded.

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