Want TV in the shower | LCD Enclosures Global explains

By | July 1, 2009

Getting the quality of life balance right is a tricky thing, balancing work, family and everyday chores is hard.

There is nothing worse than after a busy day at the office, getting home and creating a culinary delight, sitting down to find you have missed your favourite TV show.

Well using technology to your advantage, you could put the dinner on a timer and when you get home dinner just needs serving, then take a quick shower whilst watching your favourite soap.

These waterproof TV’s are fully compliant with IP68 and NEMA 4X, ensuring that they offer a weatherproof TV solution when place outdoors, this sometimes is more beneficial than a weatherproof TV enclosure, even though it will be more expensive than a waterproof TV enclosure and on a longer lead time.

LCD Enclosures Global are introducing a range of waterproof TV’s from 19” to 36” to their portfolio of AV products. These TV’s will compliment their existing range of weatherproof TV enclosures.

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