The Worlds Biggest ever LCD TV.

By | June 29, 2009

Technology development moves at an unbelievable rate, who five years ago thought, that we would be using digital signage to promote businesses?

Now digital signage is using the latest in LCD and plasma technologies, the boundaries are pushed even further.

It isn’t the case of “if”, it is a matter of when we will see the largest TV’s being used for digital signage. As you can appreciate Sharp would not have developed their 108” Aquos TV that has a price of $20,000 if they didn’t think it wouldn’t sell.

The Aquos television is top of it’s game, being full HD 1080p and measures an insane 93.9” (2.285 metres) wide x 52.9” (1.344 metres) high.

The other alternative is to go for a plasma TV, now imagine putting this in your home…the largest plasma TV is 150” (3.81 metres) and is equivalent to 9 x 127cm TV’s! The 150” plasma is 4 times the resolution of 1080p and delivers an awesome image.

Now couple this with some jaw dropping advertising and LCD enclosures, then you will have some serious outdoor digital signage solution.