Sunlight Readable LCD Enclosures Choose Wisely!

By | February 27, 2015

Selecting sunlight readable LCD enclosures.

Sunlight readable LCD enclosures are nothing new, these are protective housings that are designed to protect the displays such as Dynascan and other hardware housed inside. Usually the hardware consists of either an LG High bright or Dynascan flat panel display and some kind of media player. But you do have to be careful who you partner with for your LCD enclosure solutions.

Our secure sunlight readable LCD enclosures.

To give you some idea of who we are, we have been designing and manufacturing outdoor, protective flat panel housings for commercial advertising since 2008, way before our competitors. The management are all engineers by trade and have a wealth of manufacturing experience, this is what makes our products the best and most secure in the industry.

More often than not, our sunlight readable LCD enclosures are used on projects, they may not be the first choice, however once they have purchased our competitors product and found how insecure they are they contact us and we 99.9% of the time replace our competitors product with our, more secure solution.

So called secure solutions!

Unlike any other solution in the industry, our solutions include as standard high security locks that are designed only to be opened with the key, unlike all the other offerings on the market, that are susceptible to being open with most basic tools. One competitor recently had an installation at a transit center breached, resulting in displays being stolen with a financial lose costing thousands of £’s to the transit company. According to one of the project managers, the customer service was extremely poor and very slow to come up with a preventative solution never mind admitting their design has a flaw.

To read independent British news reports on this case, check out the links below:

sunlight readable lcd enclosures

We have completed several sunlight readable LCD enclosures in Europe and the USA, due to our experience and the anti-vandal properties our solutions have.

Viewing windows in LCD enclosures.

There are many different solutions that suppliers of protective flat panel housings use, you find the lower cost units use 1/8” thick Perspex, these just shatter when hit with a blunt item and can cause damage to the flat panel display. Others offer 1/8” thick Lexan that does not shatter, we offer as standard ¼” thick Lexan! With laminated toughened glass for extremely hostile environments up to ½” thick! Our viewing windows do not affect the quality of the image, as other solutions do, due to the quality of the products we use.

Internal heating and cooling.

As you can imagine, the screens such as Dynascan displays are rather costly, so you will certainly want to protect them from Mother Nature and possible theft. So the question is, “would you use a competitors unit that has been proven to be a poor design and easily broken into? Or would you prefer a solution that once installed; you don’t need to worry again?”

For more details on our 17.5″ discount quote DeX1902 when inquiring on toll free 888-460-3573 for our sunlight readable LCD enclosures.