Security TV Enclosures For Correctional Facilities Increases.

By | January 21, 2015

Understanding why security TV enclosures for correctional facility are increasing.

We have experience installing our security TV enclosures in correctional facilities, to facilitate the safe running of the location.

CRT displays were the preferred choice of the correctional facility, as these are very cheap and easy to replace. However with the growth of the flat panel TV’s, correctional facilities are finding that the stock of CRT TV’s is diminishing with the CRT components being discontinued. Forcing the detention centers to purchase more expensive flat screen displays for the prisoners.

Security TV enclosures for correctional facilities – why use them?

Our TV enclosures are designed to protect the TV from vandalism from the prisoners and so the inmates cannot smash the screen and use the damaged screen to attack guards.
The most popular range we supply to correctional facilities is the NL26 this takes a display from 17” to 26” in size. But we manufacture these security TV enclosures for correctional facilities for screens up to 75”.

Issues for TVs in correctional facilities.

This ranges from prisoners resting drinks on the TV’s or even pouring their drink into the TV – damaging it, so they have to be replaced at the cost of the facility. In some instances prisoners have been known to urinate on the TV’s to make them fail!

The Solution.

Is to put the TVs in to our security TV enclosures specifically designed for correctional facilities, what separates our product from others in the industry is:
• Our locks cannot be breached!
• We supply our unit with ¼” thick viewing window
• Steel construction
• Sloped on all 4 sides
• Internal protection even if someone pours liquid through the vent holes!

Our build quality is what you’d expect from an American manufacturer – very high! Our product will not fall apart as you can see from the comparison video below of our product and a competitor’s product.

Security TV enclosures video.

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security tv enclosures for correctional facilities

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