Outdoor Signage Enclosures For All Weather Protection

By | May 7, 2015

Outdoor signage enclosures.

Outdoor signage enclosures are increasing in demand due to businesses seeing the opportunity to market to passing potential customers. Now this is achieved using an outdoor signage enclosure.

Why use outdoor signage enclosures?

Most businesses like the idea of outdoor digital signage, yet few take it up due to the costs involved, however using an outdoor signage enclosure allows any business, no matter it’s size the ability to use digital signage outdoors by putting the display and player into the outdoor signage housing.

These steel housings provide protection from vandals and the weather, but check out the manufacturers as some claim to be weatherproof but will not put this in a quotation – the reason being they are not! Likewise, they will claim they are secure but are not! We win projects replacing competitors solutions once they have been breached and the hardware stolen or damaged.

So a restaurant or bar can now have promotions outdoors while customers are queuing to get into the venue, tempting them with the promotions, even before they are in the facility! Some bars host competitions for the best shared image off the facility, the reward is a free bottle of champagne, this can be displayed on the outdoor signage and people are in the mindset to promote the venue! A double win for the business owner.

What makes outdoor signage enclosures special?

Well the best solutions are made from steel, these will withstand most abuse from vandals. You will see many low cost solutions that are made from various types of plastic, but one thing plastics have in common is that they break with little force. Also any outdoor signage solution has to have the correct internal cooling and heating system otherwise the display and media player will fail – this is something the plastic housings cannot do as the heater will melt the plastic housing.

Next are the locks, now for a moment would you ever leave your front door unlocked? Would you ever compromise on the lock on your door, by putting a lock that can be opened with a screwdriver say?

Well if the answer is no, you need to check out vendors who offer high security locks, rather than the standard cam locks that the industry seems to use – this is another good reason to choose ProEnc for your outdoor signage enclosures as all ours come as standard with high security locks.

Outdoor signage enclosures

All weather protection.

So no matter if it snows, rains or is sunny, you need your digital advertising solution to grab customers attention, right? So you need to make sure the solutions heating and cooling system will cope with your local weather conditions, as some vendors just offer moisture crystals that you put into the bottom of the enclosure to prevent condensation, the problem with this solution is when the crystals are saturated, condensation seeps into the outdoor signage housing and attacks the hardware reducing the life of the display and ad player.

Solutions for outdoor signage enclosures.

We have looked at the solutions for putting signage outdoors, so know all can do is wish you well in your search for outdoor signage enclosures.