Ceiling mounted outdoor digital signage

By | October 15, 2010

Outdoor digital signage can be mounted in any location with the correct equipment; however there are some points to consider.

When installing digital signage outdoors you have to ensure that the mounting hardware is made to cope with the weather, for example you would not want to use an indoor mount as this certainly would not be weather proof and these are normally chrome plated that in time will discolour and need replacing.

The weight of a typical 46” LCD screen is 60lbs, then the media player 3lb and not forgetting the 46” LCD enclosure (that offers the weatherproof protection) at 100lb plus the accessories such as cables, you are looking at a rough total of 165lbs now normal indoor mounts are only manufactured to take the screen with no peripherals such as the media player.

So the mounting hardware has to be heavy duty, we offer a range of cost effective mounting solution for screens up to and including 60”, these can be mounted either as a single screen in either landscape or portrait or a dual screen format, back to back again in either portrait or landscape.

In addition to the mounts the columns can be extended for various height locations, at 4” increments, the mounting plate for the protective LCD housing can be angled from being flat to 18 degrees ensuring everyone can see the marketing material.

Cables are hidden in side the column in a cable raceway to make the installation look neat. The units are manufactured from steel and have a special coating that protects them from the harsh environment outdoors and this prevents them from corroding.

These ceiling mounts have been used in football and baseball stadiums and even at outdoor music festivals, so that spectators can see the action on the stage if they are too far away or in a location where they cannot see the stage.

Currently we are developing a reclining mount for a unique installation in Florida for 60” screens that will be located outdoors.