LCD enclosure used on outdoor patios and porches

By | October 25, 2010

LCD enclosure protecting TVs on Porches.

An LCD enclosure is increasingly being used for domestic use due to the protection these housings offer.

But let us look at a typical patio or porch installation and what is required.

  • LCD Enclosure

  • Television

  • Cable Box

  • TV cable

First lay the television cable from the inside cable box to outside on the patio or porch, wherever you choose to deploy the outdoor LCD enclosure.

Once the cables are fitted, the protective LCD enclosure has to be fitted to the wall and this is achieved by using the mounting holes and mounting the enclosure directly to the wall, or if you intend on using a ceiling mount, make sure it is extremely strong as this will bolt to the rear mount holes in the rear of the LCD enclosure.

lcd enclosure

Then fit the television into the enclosure and secure the TV to the internal mounting frame, then set up the cooling and heating system by setting the temperature that you require the cooling and heating to start operating, but bear in mind that the recommended temperature is 56 degrees Fahrenheit, for the heating we would recommend that you set the thermostat at 5 degrees then when the temperature falls below this the heater will warm the hardware before any damage is done with the freezing external weather conditions.

Then close the door to the enclosure and lock it, remembering to keep the key in a safe but accessible place.

Now your installation is set to cope with any thing the weather can through at it, from snow, sleet, rain and high temperatures.

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