Sloping top TV enclosures Used In Sensory Rooms In Psychiatric Units

By | February 15, 2013

Sloping top LCD TV enclosures.

Sensory rooms in psychiatric units are being designed with sloping top LCD TV enclosures protecting the flat panel TV displays and at the same time preventing clients from self-harming.

Sensory rooms in psychiatric units.

These rooms are specifically set aside for clients when they are supervised to just “drop in” these are perfect for an individual one who needs one-on one treatments or for small groups such as Social Skill Groups.

These rooms are specifically designed for sensory engagement, such as bubble mirrors as well as large weighted soft toys. Many of these rooms offer the facility to listen to music or even let clients listen to stories on tapes and CDs and for example fairy tales. Each room is designed to appeal to one of the senses, this can be blowing bubbles to looking through pet magazines.

At the end of every day the cleaning staff can wipe everything has been touched that day down with anti-bacterial wipes. Clients’ find these rooms a place of safety and security for them and they enjoyed their time there.

These rooms are extremely flexible and allow nursing staff to use them, so they can still provide care for their clients, in one instance a nurse noticed a client’s hands swelling, it was known that the clients favorite room was the sensory room, so the nurse took him there and requested that the orthopedic department attend, here they x-rayed his hand discovered the client had a broken knuckle that was caused by self-harming. The sensory room was then used to put the clients hand in a cast, this clause minimal disruption and the client was calm and co-operative.

What are sloping top LCD TV enclosures?

sloping top LCD TV enclosures

Sloping top LCD TV enclosures are being used in sensory room’s, bright colors and shapes can be displayed on the screens that capture the attention of the clients. These protective housings defend the flat panel display from any damage from an angry client, these also prevent clients self-harming.

The best solution for protecting TVs in a psychiatric unit environment is sloping top LCD TV enclosures, as these have four sloping sides rather than just a sloping top. As the four sloping sides do prevent any looping of material around the housing, stopping any patients from fatally injuring themselves.

Inside the sloping top LCD TV enclosures should be fitted an internal mounting bracket for the TV, the viewing window has to be made out of an unbreakable material and the door locks have to be flush and providing a high level of security. The reasoning behind this level of security is that if a client is disturbed the screen cannot be accessed to be damaged and then used as a weapon on either the client, other clients or even caring staff.

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