Digital signage security shields perfect for digital posters

By | February 18, 2013

Tips on using digital signage security shields.

Digital signage security is essential, using security shields prevents unauthorized access and issue is the hardware is protected from physical attack.

Indoor digital signage protection.

Most indoor digital signage hardware incorporates an advertising display as well as a media player, these are designed for indoor use only and these are perfect in a hair salon environment, as they are not exposed to any third party vulnerabilities such as physical attack.

We have all seen quick serve restaurants deploying digital menu board systems signage so the restaurant is compliant with the relevant food labeling bill, these usually have the digital signage hardware above the checkout here there is little threat to the hardware on the only possible hazard that would require any physical protection will be if a disgruntled customer through a drink at the digital menu boards as the fluid could potentially ruin the displays and media player.

Likewise, a digital poster of the same risk elements with one exception. These digital advertising posters are usually deployed in shopping malls outside the outlet; the problem here is that they are vulnerable from accidental damage. For example a young child could be pushing her brother or sister in a pram and accidentally run into the digital poster damage in the display. Obviously they are not going to hang around and let you know of the damage, in fear that they will be given a replacement bill. Another example is when using messing around in the mall on one pushes the other against the display this could cause the display to be damaged.

This is only a few examples of how easy it is to accidentally damage digital signage hardware.

Why use digital signage security shields?

digital signage security shields

As you can see from the above points, that digital signage hardware needs protecting and by using digital signage security shields, these provide the necessary protection for the digital signage hardware to work effectively without limits.

The steel digital signage security shields are extremely robust and are fitted with 1/4 inch thick toughened glass viewing windows; this toughened glass already has an anti-reflective coating fitted to it, ensuring that the digital signage displays can be seen even in direct lights within the mall.

Should anyone accidentally run in to the digital signage security shields with a pram or pushchair, the hardware is protected and this would also prevent the occupants of the pushchair being hurt.

Again with the youths pushing each other against the display, the display is protected ensuring that the return on investment for the digital signage campaign is also protected.

Who uses digital signage security shields?

There are various business sectors who use digital signage security shield’s, from outlets in shopping malls, educational facilities, indoor advertising at airports, advertising at real stations (in partially covered locations). Even some restaurants are using digital signage security shield’s to protect their digital menu boards when they are placed in the entrance to the restaurant.

If the advertising hardware is protected with a digital signage security shields this means that the hardware will not need unnecessary maintenance or replacement and should work in a situ for years to come.

DOOH USA is a leading manufacturer of plasma TV enclosures and in their 23 years’ experience in manufacturing protective housings they have developed digital signage security shields.