Detention Grade TV Enclosures By ProEnc

By | August 19, 2016

ProEnc’s Detention Grade TV Enclosures.

ProEnc’s detention grade TV enclosures are increasing in popularity, after detention centers purchase other solutions that do not stand up to the job, ProEnc’s detention grade TV housings are the preferred solution.

Why use detention grade TV cases?

Correctional and detention centers have the essential requirement to protect anything that can be broken and used as a weapon, as this could very well be used on a detention center guard or fellow detainee. As well as protection from vandalism, the ProEnc case provides anyone accessing the mounting bracket for the television, in order to harm themselves.

ProEnc’s detention grade television enclosures.

ProEnc’s protective TV housings for detention centers and correctional facilities, are made from solid steel welded for maximum strength. The access door is secured with 2 ultra secure locks, compared to the competitions compression locks that are easily forced open with tools such as a toothbrush!

Inside the detention grade television housing the flat panel television is mounted on a TV bracket that’s secured to the housing rear, preventing the TV’s LCD or LED surface being damaged due to the enclosure being to narrow and the viewing window being too thin – ProEnc’s solution has the thickest non glass window at 3/8” thick on the market. ProEnc have replaced enclosures that have had a chair thrown at them, resulting in the window flexing and smashing the flat panel screen.

detention grade tv enclosures

The thermostatic cooling system that keeps the flat screen TV at the perfect temperature and even has an anti liquid pour section, so should an inmate try to pour liquid into the enclosure through the cooling system aperture, the liquid does not come into contact with any of the electronics inside the housing, which is a first in the industry – no other manufacturer offers this as a solution, leaving their solutions vulnerable to abuse and the TV failing – resulting in more expense for the facility.

ProEnc’s solutions come in the following sizes:

  • NL26 for TV’s 17” to 26”
  • NL36 for TV’s 27” to 36”
  • NL46 for TV’s 37” to 46”
  • NL55 for TV’s 47” to 55”

They also offer a recessed solution, that is completely recessed, perfect for super high risk areas within a jail, correctional facility or detention center.

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