TV enclosures For Anti Ligature Applications

By | June 7, 2016

ProEnc’s TV enclosures for anti ligature uses.

What You Should Do to Find Out About Tv Enclosures for Hospitals Before You’re Left Behind

So far As LCD TVs are involved, it uses the fluorescent backlighting to create images. A much more comprehensive solution is really to utilize a typical TV within an outdoor TV enclosure. The other big disadvantage is the cost of aforementioned screens and usually these protective enclosures are not designed for anti ligature applications.

It’s incomprehensible to imagine exactly how many merchandiser or supplier could use a product that is not fit for purpose in these environments, but yet there are many facilities that have inadequate protection that’s needed in a psychatric hospital or correctional facility.

tv enclosures

There are ligature resistant products from toilets, curtain rails and even toilet roll holders, all these along with the protective TV housing are used in the design and build of behavioral centers enabling the staff to care for the vulnerable people in a safe and freidnly environment.

Anyone can make a steel box, I was told in the past, but what makes it special is that our protective, indoor TV enclosure is designed to prevent self harming, and at the same time prevent access to the TV, that can and have been used as weapons in the past.

Steel TV Enclosures.

A steel enclosure might be used that does not have any corners to permit a blanket, towel or belt to be set round the display for a noose, each unit could be fitted with top quality stereo speakers and even a PIR, hence the channels may be changed remotely. Yet, each has another meaning depending on context and each can be found in a number of materials. The premier solutions are made of steel, as this will have a faster ROI, high security locks and even an inbuilt sound bar, so the audio omitted from the TV enclosure is heard clearly and not muffled or muted as in other metal and plastic enclosures.

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With product sizes ranging from 17″ to 65″, ProEnc have a solution for all applications and all hospital requirements, including ligature resistant and suicide resistant solutions.

Their range of protective flat panel TV housings, has been developed over 23 years of manufacturing experience, working for many well known organizations, providing protective indoor and outdoor solutions for electronic devices.

For more details on the tv enclosures and other product range, contact ProEnc on 862.234.5981 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ET.