Deploying Digital Signage Enclosures – Best Practices

By | May 3, 2013

Using Digital Signage Enclosures – Best Practices.

The digital signage enclosures should have certain qualities in them and these will help in protecting the digital signs that are kept inside these enclosures. There are two different kinds of digital signs that are used. One type is the interactive sign and the other kind of the non interactive digital sign. Each of them needs different kinds of enclosures. The non interactive digital enclosure will need a conventional enclosure that protects the digital signs. On the other hand, an interactive digital sign needs different kinds of digital signage enclosures. These enclosures need to allow the users to go close to the screen and use the touch screen facility that is available, but at the same time, the enclosure should be built in such a manner that the screens and the other devices are protected from all kinds of signage enclosures


Securing the digital signs using the best digital signage enclosures

1. The protective LCD enclosures: The LCD enclosures need to be installed in such a manner that the users are able to access the information that they want from the digital sign. On the other hand, the user should also be able to feel comfortable using the screen within the enclosure. The most important factor is that the digital signage enclosures should be created and installed in such a manner that the screen is given the highest protection from all kinds of damages.

2. The secure digital signage enclosures: The secure enclosures are also required because of the risk related to vandalism and thefts. Most of the devices that are placed inside these enclosures, including the hardware, are prone to thefts and other environmental damages. So, they should be secured with the best possible methods. Tamper proof locks can be used. Also, there can be burglar alarms installed in these kiosks so that any damage to the digital signage enclosures can be instantly relayed to the police and other law enforcement agencies. This will help in preventing any kind of damages to the digital signs.

3. Other digital signage enclosures: The enclosures need to be placed inside buildings at times. Even if the digital sign is placed inside a building, the same kind of protection needs to be present for the devices that are placed inside the enclosures. This can be achieved by using closed circuit cameras that are installed at vantage places inside the building and the enclosures can be monitored carefully.

4. Tips on protecting digital signage hardware: The digital signs need to be protected not only from thefts and other damages, but also from the elements of nature. Some of the problems that can arise include damage to the devices because of the presence of dust and other materials. Other than this, there can also be rain water seepage inside these devices that can damage the digital signs completely. So, to prevent all these problems from occurring, the digital signage enclosures need to be made from the best materials. The installation of the kiosk or the digital signage enclosures should be made in a place where there is lesser risk.

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