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Anti Ligature TV Enclosure Discount Coupon August 2022

Proenc LLC have the pleasure in offering the 2 following anti-ligature TV enclosure discount coupons for August 2022. When companies are looking for Proenc’s NL26, throughout the month of August we are offering $99 discount off per enclosure. As a further discount Proenc are offering throughout August and September 2022, a discount of $199 per… Read More »

Correctional Facilities in the 21st Century

Ligature resistant TV enclosures for a leading 200 bed correctional facility in Texas and as part of the project, they needed various safety products to prevent inmates from self-harming. Providing a 21st Century solution.   Proenc offered their NL55 TV enclosures which are the highest grade of suicide resistant TV enclosures. Initially 57 units were… Read More »

Suicide Resistant TV Enclosures By Proenc

Proenc’s suicide resistant TV enclosures are known for their quality coupled by the companies 3-year warranty which is the longest in the behavioral health sector. These reasons are the driving forces why US correctional facilities are purchasing their suicide resistant products. During COVID Proenc maintained a constant supply to the key worker sector of protective… Read More »

ProEnc’s Jail and Psychiatric TV Enclosure Sales

ProEnc’s Jail and Psychiatric TV Enclosure Sales. ProEnc will from time to time launch sales, so please check the relevant page for the product and scan the QR code to receive the discount! Anti ligature TV enclosures Suicide Resistant TV enclosures  Ligature Resistant TV enclosures Depending on stock levels our enclosures can… Read More »

Free Anti Ligature TV Enclosure from ProEnc

ProEnc have an overstock of the NL26 anti-ligature TV enclosures, these enclosures are for flat screen televisions 17” to 26” in size and for jails, prisons and psychiatric facilities. The boss has instructed us to discount the enclosures to free space up in the warehouse, so we are offering 4 x NL26 anti ligature TV… Read More »

Behavioral Unit Designs

ProEnc Behavioral Unit Design Applications. The exact same rule is true for management and for this reason additionally, it determines the association between cause and effect. So policies which are specifically designed to cope with repeat offenders are also based on psychological essentials of criminality. Know what it’s truly about although it’s about. It shows… Read More »

Common Mental Health Issues

The greater risk could be related to pre-existing psychopathology or may require the presence of particular genes inside a person. This kind of wellness is often considered of excellent significance in regards to individual wellness, especially as further info and studies have established with improving different types of wellness, how social interactions can help out.… Read More »

Suicide Resistant Sloped TV Enclosure – The most Cost Effective Solution

Budgeting for all the components necessary for psychiatric, correctional and healthcare facilities with a safe environment can be the difference between life and death, however one key factor is finding the most cost effective suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure on the market. Don’t be duped into saving a few bucks by purchasing the plastic covers;… Read More »

ProEnc’s Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures Deployment

Revolutionary Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures from ProEnc Proenc are the world’s leading manufacturer of ligature resistant display enclosures that are deployed across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. What makes ProEnc’s behavioural health TV cases different is that the patent pending design has been developed with 7 consulting architects who advise the US mental health… Read More »

Medicare and Behavioural Health Hospitals

Medicare is a government run health insurance program which you pay into and provides health cover under each separate plan for young people to seniors with end-stage renal failure. What plans work best for mental health patients? That question can easily be answered, if someone is an inpatient plan A is needed, alternatively if they… Read More »