Monitor Enclosures – Not Just For Factory LCD Protection

By | November 22, 2010

Monitor Enclosures – Not Just For Factory’s

LCD or monitor enclosures are increasingly being deployed in factories to protect the valuable and vulnerable LCD monitors in hostile areas were dust, fluid and hazards such a fork trucks are present, but now they are also being deployed outdoors.

Protective housings are known in factories as a monitor enclosure, as they enclosure the monitor that displays the data from the production line, this does stem from the days gone by when CRT monitors were used on factory floors, however with the technology advancement LCD displays have replaced the old CRT monitor.

Now people occasionally refer to a television in their back yard, this is due to the low cost of an LCD screen that would normally be used within the home and by using  monitor enclosures allows a standard LCD television to be used outside, opening up the opportunity to entertain outdoors even throughout the winter.

Monitor enclosures.

monitor enclosures

With screens costing in the region of $700 they need some type of outdoor protection that will be secure enough without being over priced. It is not cost effective if the solution is twice the price of the TV, as most home users will not invest in an outdoor TV and this will limit the quality time spent with the family outdoors.

Now there are some differences between an outdoor digital signage enclosure and an outdoor TV enclosure, but let us look at the similarities first.

Similarities between outdoor digital signage and a TV in your backyard.

In both applications, the screen has to be seen, so ideally an anti reflective viewing window is needed this is perfect as it will cut down on reflections during sunny or bright days, then the protective LCD housing has to be adequately ventilated otherwise the hardware inside will overheat causing the screen and other devices to fail.

Is your backyard secure?

Security is the next issue to look at, is the home in a high risk area? Is the garden easily entered by anyone? If it is security has to be high up on your priorities otherwise when you next go outside to view the TV with family and friends it might not be there.

There are a number of ways to secure an enclosure, however the most cost effective is to use special anti tamper fastenings, these fasteners need a special tool to loosen or tighten them up without it they cannot be removed.

So no matter if you installing an LCD monitor in a factory or in your backyard, check out the points above to make sure that your time and investment is not wasted on a product that is not fit for its use, this way you can make an informed decision on what product to buy to protect your screen.

One thing is for sure, anyone who puts a television outdoors or in hazards areas such as in a factory or on train station platform without protection is asking for trouble and they have to consider monitor enclosures to protect their hardware and investment.

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