ProEnc’s Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure

Proenc’s Ligature Resistant Protective TV Enclosure are for wall mounted TV’s. Proenc has successfuly supplied the prison and psychiatric facilities with in excess of 21,000 TV enclosures and in every single State of the USA! To celebrate this milestone, Proenc have decided to provide a discount coupon for the NL26, NL36 & NL46 range of enclosures – while stock lasts! (See below)

The unique design of 4 sloping corners is aesthetically pleasing and a crucial safety feature.

ProEnc USA manufacture ligature resistant TV enclosures that are used in mental health facilities across the USA and Canada. These protective housings prevent patient self-harm and also damage to the television sets.

Let’s look at the options for ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV products.

Ligature resistant TV enclosure coupon Nov2020

ligature resistant tv enclosures

Also take a look at ProEnc’s ceiling mounted anti ligature TV enclosures for when a facility has to mount the TVs in the middle of the room.

At ProEnc we manufacture enclosures that enclose the TV, some of our competitors class their products as an enclosure, but yet they are only flimsy covers. The difference is does the product have a rear panel? Why is this important? Plain and simple, our product is made from steel and has a rear panel that’s welded into position. This rear panel locks everything into position and makes the unit 30 times stronger by having a back plate.

In our 9 years of manufacturing ligature resistant products for the mental health facilities throughout the world, we have seen these covers ripped off from the wall and the TV follows soon after! This is it’s self is a huge problem as a mentally unstable patient throwing a 50lb TV at anyone is lethal. This is why our product is specified by leading architects who advise mental health facilities and is known for quality.

Now our anti ligature TV enclosures are often use when these covers have failed in the hospital, usually someone has been injured at this point and the hospital management realize why a fully enclosed ligature resistant TV enclosure is required. Unfortunately, it is too late for the nurse, doctor or patient who has been attacked, the harm has been done.

Metal or plastic?

Now you are putting a very vulnerable piece of electronics in a very high risk area, so what material would you use – metal or plastic? Well for some reason again, people choose the plastic route – why we have yet to get an answer!

The ligature resistant TV enclosures that are made from plastic or have plastic side panels are very thin; they are no more than 2mm thick – crazy when they are going into a high risk environment. When they are hit or kicked they shatter and the shards used as weapons on others in the vicinity.

The ProEnc solution is made from steel, the viewing window is 3/8” thick; now compare this with the plastic cover that’s only 1/8” thick, it’s a train crash waiting to happen.

Price comparison, well it always come down to price, but we have been informed by customer s who have purchased the plastic covers that our steel solution was out of this world, with our steel solution being more cost effective than the plastic covers.

ProEnc’s steel ligature resistant TV enclosures.

Now to summarize, our product comes as standard with a thermostatic cooling system, it has an anti pour system, so should a patient try to pour liquid into the TV housing, it will not touch any of the electronics inside. Some of our competitors use vents on the side of the housing to vent the hot air providing a ligature issue.

ligature resistant TV enclosure

The ProEnc housing is secured to the wall with 4 large bolts, compare this to the wood screws supplied by other manufacturers.

ProEnc’s door is secured with 2 high security locks; compare this with our competitors who use standard cam locks that are opened with pieces from a game! We had a client tell us that a patient had taken a Monopoly figure and used it to open the door of the TV cover and then smashed the screen and attacked the doctor!

ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV enclosures come as standard with 3/8” viewing window, compared to some rivals that are 1/8” thick and cost more!

ProEnc’s psychiatric TV enclosures also comes as standard with a tilting TV bracket; this is a costly extra from other suppliers of these ant-ligature TV enclosures in the market. The cut sheet for this product can be downloaded here. See how product compares to the competition, check the video out.

If you want to do the job right, the first time partner with ProEnc and use their ligature resistant TV enclosures, call them today on (862) 234-5981.