You need a ProEnc projector housings…

By | February 16, 2017


The one-stop-shop for ProEnc projector housings.

Here at ProEnc, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing a variety of protective housing units and enclosures for many sectors of the market; from Mental Health facilities who require non-loop and anti-ligature TV protection enclosures, through to the leisure market which supplies projector housing units, for both commercial and residential customers. 

You need a ProEnc projector housings...

You need a ProEnc projector housings…


Whatever the setting or location ProEnc has an enclosure to meet you needs. Our specialty is a projector housing, which is a big seller all over the world as companies and individuals embrace the projector phenomenon. Projectors have found their way into a myriad of uses, from advertising, visual background displays at music venues and sports fields: they are so versatile. The colors, graphics and content provide an imaginative and creative kaleidoscope, which can be tailored to many settings. Even though professional productions are designed for public events, there is nothing too geeky about creating your own. Most software is easily downloaded from the internet – where it can even be found for free – it is uploaded onto a USB and played through a dedicated media player or PC .

The beauty of a ProEnc projector housing unit is the safety and security aspect. A projector may need to be left on site overnight, or for a few days, which makes it vulnerable to theft and damage. High security locks, with 2 keys per lock, are far superior to the standard cam locks, which most manufacturers supply. The doors and viewing window are sealed against water ingress and along with the filter system, makes them IP65 rated (against dust and being hosed down with water in a scientific test). Tiny black bugs and their larvae like a damp warm place to exist, but this will do irreversible damage to a projector. The viewing window is just as an important component as any other, it is usually made out of Lexan, which has shatter proof properties and can withstand a substantial force applied to it. It is so adaptable that it can be positioned in any number of locations – the box can be fixed to scaffolding, a brick wall, the top of a vehicle or even on a gantry. The crucial point is to make sure the image reaches the screen with a clear picture or video. Too near and the image will be out of focus, which also happens with the projector being placed too far away.

It is also worth asking the question about insuring a projector, when enclosed in a ProEnc projector housing unit. Because of the protection and security it offers, there will be less likelihood of making a claim on the insurance to repair or replace the projector, therefore lowing the premiums. It is a neat and sleek design which fits into many settings without looking out of place. The powder coated ‘skin’ is usually grey, however any custom color can be accommodated depending on a corporate design or something fitting to the environment.

So for piece of mind, your projector needs to be enclosed in a ProEnc projector housings unit – saving time, money and inconvenience: call on (862) 234 5981