Why Use A Wireless Network In Digital Signage?

By | April 12, 2010

Digital signage integrators are always after an edge, now using wireless technology, the same integrators can now the same hardware as a second or even third revenue stream for the client – how?  Discover more below.

The advantage of any wireless network is:

Mobility – with the use of mobile hand held devices, users have no need to have a cabled plugged into a data point in the wall.

Flexibility – When any moves and changes are made to a wired data network, the engineer has to come and perform the work out of hours that results in a larger installation invoice. With WIFI, once the access point is installed and configured anyone with the correct access code can connect to the network and work. This too can be used in restaurants and Starbucks are a prime example, offering free internet access, all you need to do is buy a latte! This also builds customer loyalty.

Reduced installation costs – wireless compared to a hard wired data network is far more cost effective as well as being less disruptive. All you need to do is run a cable from the server cabinet to the location where the access point is located and wire it into the network, then logon and access the network. This cuts down on cables used especially with the price of copper going through the roof.

A typical data cable run of 80 metres would cost approximately $220, compared to the cost of a high quality wireless bridge at $199, now imagine if you have 30 users in one office how much money would you save?

Now this is what users of digital signage are doing, because once the advertisements have been updated on their network the wireless system is idle, doing nothing, so business owners are allowing users to login and use the internet free and charging none purchasing users to use the internet.

LCD Enclosure Global have developed an outdoor digital signage enclosure that will allow a wireless media player to be controlled with no effect on the signal strength, making outdoor digital signage much easier and quicker to deploy. This adds to their existing range of LCD enclosures.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.