Who Knows What’s A Digital Poster?

By | November 9, 2013

So, the key question; Who knows what’s a digital poster?

We may not all know what they are called, especially the more technical names, but we are familiar with them on a daily basis;
• Shopping mall
• Airport terminal
• Medical center
• Education facility
• Government offices
And we think nothing of using ATM’s, which as you may have already noticed, feature short advertisements, particularly if they are within a food store; Special offers, coupons and Deals of the Day…

What’s A Digital Poster?

What’s A Digital Poster?

Another choice for a digital poster is an LCD poster

An LCD poster fits in quite nicely with the question ‘what’s a digital poster?’ These are dynamic, informative, highly versatile electronic screens, which are either positioned in a landscape or portrait format. To most people, they are flat panel television screens, however they are more than that. Normally they are not compatible with broadcasting television programs as they function in a different way; they contain a media player for displaying pre-recorded advertisements, promotional campaigns, infomercials or wayfinding routes, depending on their role within the environment.

Functions of an ePoster

Again; what’s a digital poster / ePoster? Again, it is an advertising screen which is for displaying information which has been abbreviated from electronic poster to ePoster. Many ePosters have the ability to be touch screen, making them an interactive form of communication. Wayfinding is one of the many functioning ways and benefits of an ePoster. A pioneering model that is gradually being introduced into our everyday lives, is the ePoster. An ePoster synchronizes with a large plasma screen and computer to present multimedia adaptations of a traditional static paper poster. It presents the opportunity for an imaginative and catching ad. campaign, where an ePoster promotion will more effectively put across information that would not necessarily be feasible with a conventional printed poster. It also improves brand awareness and customer attraction to the advertisement. This form of presentation may transform the way advertising companies promote their media.

Alternatives; Digital Advertising Screen

What’s a digital poster when it’s an advertising screen? The subtle differences are the plug and play options, which mean that they are simple to use, install and update in an instant. Taking into consideration the low manufacturing costs, the digital advertising screens deliver highly variable and workable media possibilities on both factors of the technical and commercial basis for the success of the retail associates. The displays can be either landscape or portrait digital screens, which ever suits the applications required of them.

Printed Posters are so ‘yesterday’!

Paper or electronic; are you ready to move on towards the ground-breaking and innovative way of promoting a business, product or service? Static printed posters on paper have significantly been overtaken by electronic ones, in the race to attract advertising revenues and customer attention to brand awareness. Titles, logos, and captions are a good way to display information and there are simple and effective ways of innovative and highly visual elements including video, slide shows, animated charts or graphs, scrolling text, and can even include a 3D rotation of a model, all via a media player.

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