Where is the best location for a floor standing kiosk?

By | July 17, 2013

Locations for floor standing kiosk.

And the answer is… just about anywhere that’s near a significantly high traffic area; be it foot traffic or vehicle traffic. As long as the floor standing kiosk screen is big enough to be seen and in a location to be viewed clearly, then you have the answer.

floor standing kiosk

The whole point of a floor standing kiosk is to capture potential customers and attract them to the advertisement of a particular retail outlet, product or service. Not only has the metal structure of the floor standing kiosk to blend in to the surroundings, but the dynamic graphics of the content must be appealing to passing trade.

Popularity of a floor standing kiosk.

Floor standing kiosks are very popular, suit many locations and are appealing to almost every sector of society. Most of us use some form of this technology on a daily basis, if it’s not an ATM cash machine, then it’s a digital screen within a bus shelter, or perhaps there is something similar at our place of work. Consideration should be given to health and safety when choosing a suitable location – it’s no good near a road or junction, similarly it’s no good blocking a fire exit area or where crowds gather, as other people will not be able to utilize it to its full potential.

The main thought surely goes to how the floor standing kiosk is to be installed:-

  • Will the floor standing kiosk be set securely in a concrete base?
  • Will it be required to be relocated?
  • Is it susceptible to environmental damage, eg. falling branches, car colliding with it in a car park?
  • Or is it at risk from vandalism?

outdoor floor standing kiosk

CCTV is usually installed anyway within educational facilities, shopping malls and tourist information areas, so this aspect is generally covered, however because of their durability and suitability of the specially designed exterior structure which is also weatherproof (specifically an outdoor enclosure), then many locations for floor standing kiosks are suitable. An additional feature of a floor standing kiosk is that they can be interactive and touch screen too. These are most useful as way-finding electronic devices that you see in shopping malls, hospital receptions and function venues. It’s all very well asking for directions, or trying to follow the painted colored line on the floor, but we are very familiar with satellite navigation equipment for our cars and on our smart phones, so this is just a bigger version.

Floor standing kiosks are most often accessed remotely, which eliminates unnecessary ‘down time’, where the floor standing kiosk isn’t ‘earning’ for you. Also this reduces the cost of an engineer call-out to site and allows the update of contents of the adverts, times, promotions or even the local weather, news and neighborhood information. Not only will a floor standing kiosk broadcast advertisements for a particular brand or retail outlet, but several advertising campaigns can be run in sequentially, as the ‘space’ on the software is rented out.

Floor standing kiosks have also had their uses during emergencies. The content can be very useful in advising people where to exit the building and what procedures to follow in an emergency. So floor standing kiosks certainly have their uses and their place in society.

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