When Hospitals Purchase The Wrong Product

By | September 11, 2017

When psychiatric and behavorial units are looking to invest in anti-ligature TV enclosures, some need assistance in purchasing the correct product for the hospitals application. This is something we’ve been working on recently with a leading hospital group.

Not all anti-ligature flat screen television enclosures are the same.

Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures

Recent destructrive test of Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures

ProEnc are the only company to have submitted their product for extensive testing for use in correctional and psychiatric units. Ensuring that ProEnc’s behavioural health TV enclosures comply to the stringent requirements that prevents patients from self-harming.

Our competitors have seen how successful we are with our behavorial health products and they then tried to modify their standard product by adding a wedge to the top of a standard TV enclosure and classing it as anti-ligature. In most cases these wedges have to be bolted into position which creates a ligature point.

We’ve even had customers contact us and commented on how right our video is that shows a plastic anti-ligature TV enclosure that falls apart and is a nightmare to assemble. In most instances we advise the customer who usually pays on credit card to contact the original supplier to rectify the issue. We check stock and forward a quote and in most cases we receive the order for replacement enclosures, this recently happened with a correctional facility for 15 units!

What happens if the wrong product is used?

Now imagine the scenario, a plastic enclosure is purchased and assembled and fitted to the wall around the flat panel TV. A patient comes in and for whatever reason has an incident and throws something at the viewing window, as you can see from the video below…with little effort the enclosure falls apart and pieces of the enclosure can be used to attack nursing staff and fellow patients.

Nursing staff injured.

If the frustrated patient attacks a nurse and the nurse is injured the healthcare facility has a duty of care to protect the employee. This will then result in a lengthy sick leave and a law suit against the facility because the employee has been injured at work due to the wrong product being used.

Other patients injured.

If the frustrated patient attacks fellow patients, the hospital is open yet again for a law suit as they have not protected the patient from being attacked. This will result in a costly legal bill and compensation being paid to the family of the injured patient, as well as negative press.

ProEnc’s called as an expert witness.

Senior staff at ProEnc have been called as expert witnesses for several such cases, mentioned above, due to their product being the ultimate protection for mental healthcare use and passing all rigorous testing.

Questions to ask potential suppliers.

  1. The question customers should ask is what accreditation has their company got for supplying anti-ligature enclosures to hospitals.
  2. Do they have any reference sites, or how many hospitals have they supplied with quantities of 5 and above?
  3. What warranty is offered?
  4. Is the enclosure self-certified or has it been through rigorous tests?

ProEnc’s price guarantee.

ProEnc have a price guarantee, send us a like for like quotation and we will beat it, it is that simple. Is it not in the hospitals best interest to purchase the right product at the right price to protect patients and healthcare workings in their facilities?

ProEnc can be contacted on (862) 234-5981 to discuss their anti-ligature flat screen TV enclosures.