What’s Your Outdoor Digital Signage Weakest Link?

By | June 17, 2010

One of the worst things to happen to any digital signage hardware is for the screen to fail; this costs businesses a lot of money to rectify and lost revenue due to the down time, so what can be done to protect the LCD screen?

There are several options, the first is to protect the display from any potential risk of damage by vandals, then you have to consider the weather – this natural element can put an end to and outdoor digital signage project overnight.

Weatherproof TV or Flat Screen Enclosure?

Some companies only deploy outdoor weatherproof screens; these also have to sunlight readable, so the screen can be seen even in direct sunlight. The only problem with these screens is that they are very expensive to deploy and if anything happens to the display the entire unit has to be replaced adding extra cost to a project.

A more cost effective solution is the flat screen enclosure, this is a purpose manufactured solid steel LCD enclosure, that provides both vandal and weather proof protection for the hardware housed inside. The enclosure will accommodate an LCD or plasma screen along with a media player or small factor PC, perfect for either outdoor digital signage or factory information systems.

Cable access is through waterproof cable glands that protect to IP65 and NEMA 4X ensuring no water enters the enclosure during its operation.

These units are more flexible than a weather proof television, as they allow integrators to put digital signage in unusual places, areas where previously ruled out due to the potential vandal risk and the extreme weathers they would encounter.

These flat panel enclosures now allow a screen to be located in any location from the hotel car park, college campus to ferry terminals, proving digital signage will be every where – so get ready for the invasion.

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