What is LCD Technology in the Digital Signage World?

By | April 26, 2010

In a colour LCD screen, each pixel is made up of three liquid crystal cells. Light passing through these filtered cells creates the colours seen on the LCD.

Before we get into the various types of digital displays on the market, it would probably be advantageous to define exactly what is meant by the phrase “digital signage.”

Deciding how the digital signage content is formatted, can vary greatly. It may take the form of colourful slides that are flashed on the screen in 10-second intervals or it may be a list of text that is updated regularly, such as a roster of arriving or departing flights displayed in an airport atrium.

The content can consist of scrolling stock prices, a live CNN news report or even a dramatic, full-motion video. Whatever the substance, the purpose of digital signage is the same: It’s trying to communicate something to the observer. Digital signage is not just a flamboyant way for the consumer to ‘watch TV’. A digital signage system generally consists of a number of modules. The first component is the hardware, which is made up of the display (again, usually an LCD or plasma screen) and some sort of signage player device that stores the content and relays it to the display. Additionally, there’s the software — the set of instructions that rules the complete system.

The network — the final module — is elective, but highly effective and recommended, especially for large-scale signage deployments that cover a wide area that might include multiple cities, states or even continents. A network is a successful empowerment tool that enables users to remotely manage their digital displays without leaving the office. Signage content can be replaced, deleted or updated at the click of a button. When individual displays malfunction, alerts can be sent automatically to the network administrator, prompting the technician to conduct a remote diagnostic (and sometimes repair the display) from hundreds of miles away.

So, that’s the basis of Digital Signage in a nutshell.

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