What are the Outdoor Digital Signage Options

By | July 5, 2016

Let’s discover the outdoor digital signage options.

Let us look at the main key points when planning for outdoor digital signage options.

  • Where is the best location?
  • How high up will the screen be?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How often will the content be changed?
  • Will an engineer be able to access the equipment?
  • Will sunlight obliterate the images on screen?
  • How audible will it be?
  • Can power be supplied?
  • Accidental and deliberate damage.

So, you’re planning an outdoor digital signage campaign. The best location is obviously where most potential customers will pass ( from the car park, point of sale, road side billboard…) Consider the practicalities of installing the screen – maybe it is on your privately owned land or it may be on a rented plot/side of a building, or you are going through an advertising agent. Height is a major consideration; too high and it won’t be seen; no-one is comfortable craning their necks to read an ad, too low and it will be missed, so something within the ‘eye-line’ of people walking by is ideal.

outdoor digital signageAnd people – potential customers. Check out the demographics of the clientèle who visit your potential location. Would 80 year old ladies want to buy the latest sports shoes and equally would teens be interested in medial insurance? It is logical.

Now, how often would the content be changed for outdoor digital signage – is the screen dedicated to one advertisement or is it to be shared (sharing content is an additional money making opportunity). Most advertising and information content is accessed remotely, via the internet, from an office base – which also lessens the necessity for an engineer to visit site. However, should an engineer need to visit the site, will ladders, health and safety equipment be necessary?

What’s essential for outdoor digital signage?

One main focus is brightness compatibility. The sun can cause problems with glare, distorted images, blind spots and shadows – rendering the advertising display screen useless. When selecting a screen for a high brightness area, think about the direction of the suns movement (depending on the location in the world). Some advertising agencies include sound, which may not be suitable in some positions which emit back ground noise, ie. shopping mall, zoo and airport.

floor standing outdoor digital signageGenerally speaking, power supply is not an issue. The only difficulties may be on an old and listed building, or an area which may require planning permission. This can be by-passed by providing solar power – an option which is proving very popular.

And finally, for this article, protection against accidental and deliberate damage needs to be addressed. Weather conditions can affect the function of the screen, theft and vandalism can render it unserviceable and therefore unprofitable in the long run. The answer is to enclose the sun light bright outdoor advertising screen in a protective enclosure. Whilst this is seen as an additional cost to the project, it is better to invest in a housing unit, rather than buy several replacement screens.

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