Weatherproof TV enclosure – getting ready for winter in summer!

By | June 5, 2009

It seems crazy, the flowers have just burst into bloom and some of us are thinking winter! Wishing our lives away, well not really when we are thinking about the most profitable time of the year…Christmas.

I bet if you were asked who doesn’t celebrate Christmas by giving or receiving presents you would struggle to get to double figures.

Now is the time for businesses to maximise every sale to get the most profit from them, especially in these times when profit is being squeezed even more so. They need to be thinking how they can up sell, adding other items to existing customers shopping baskets.

We all know the scenario, we take one of our children shopping, calling in for only 5 items and you come out with 10, because little Mark wants this and that and for a quiet life we go along with it. The way the stores channel you to the checkouts and here the greatest temptation (were the most profit comes from) the sweats that are on tills.

Now using new technology such as outdoor digital signage, you can create your own media promoting your products and services. These can promote a loss leader, to get people in the store, then you up sell products that compliment the lower profit item that got them in the store initially, making you more profit overall.

If you considered digital signage, you have to decide upon the location, then if you are going to do it as a joint venture with other stores in the area, you can split the installation and limited running costs.

This way, you could be for example promoting a restaurant, a car repair shop, clothes store and a convenience store. So the media is all unique and with no competition. Now when Christmas comes, we all like to see the Christmas card scenes, however how many of us like driving in it? Personally, I don’t.

But if you had an outdoor digital signage solution, you would have to have a weatherproof LCD enclosure, to protect the internal circuitry from the extreme cold. A weatherproof TV enclosure can offer protection from -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a year round protective HDTV case.