Weatherproof TV Cases

By | November 1, 2013

Cost Effective Weatherproof TV Cases

Weatherproof TV cases are a way of preserving your investment for outdoor digital signage screens. Many screens are being utilized by ad companies to promote brand awareness within public places. Whilst these are versatile and innovative products, they are susceptible to damage from the elements as well as accidental or deliberate harm.

Locations for weatherproof TV cases

Where ever there are people, then an advertising billboard is the best option. Traditionally static paper posters were effective in drawing attention to a product or service, but as technology encompasses our lives in every shape or form, digital out of the home advertising (DOOH) is increasing in popularity as an effective way to reach a target audience. An outdoor TV enclosure protects the delicate electronic components from water or dirt damage and also reduces the possibility of theft or a broken screen from vandalism or inadvertent damage.


Weatherproof TV cases

Weatherproof TV cases

Weatherproof TV cases; not just for rain

It is not only wet weather damage which will cause the unit to malfunction, but also hot dry weather where excessive heat can cause a disaster to an advertising campaign, resulting in loss of revenue. Down time is not necessary when your digital signage screen is encased in a specifically designed metal housing unit. To disperse the surplus hot air, created by the monitor, a fan and filter allow the air to escape without drawing dirt and debris into the unit. Grit and sand will cause the monitor and/or hardware to fail.
The state of Arizona has deployed outdoor digital signage very successfully due to the fact they are properly enclosed in a weatherproof TV housing unit. The hot climate causes many issues with overheating and dirt.  Opposite climates, like eastern states of America; where extremes of cold can damage the delicate electronic mechanism are catered for by installing a thermostatically controlled heater and/or cooler. The electronic billboards can be left out all year round, which makes them an economical option for advertising.

How weatherproof TV cases protect your investment

Spending a significant amount of your budget on new technology is a costly financial input and one which you would expect to show a healthy return (ROI), however if it is not protected securely, the loss or damage to a screen will render the whole system. This is why it is essential to install TV security enclosures; it may be a prerequisite of your insurance company to protect the screens. The security locks are anti-theft proof and can be keyed alike or use individual keys; depending upon your requirements. TV security enclosures also feature anti-tamper proof bolts for mounting directly to a wall or vertical surface. Only a corresponding anti-tamper bit will allow authorized access for maintenance, cleaning or relocating.

Installing weatherproof TV cases on a porch

Long summer evenings and vacation days are favorite times for lazing about in the back yard or perhaps the hot tub, where it is a luxury to watch a sports channel or movie! These too need protecting from damage, theft and the weather, so how to weatherproof TV on a porch is a question many are asking. Sure you can keep replacing a broken screen, time after time, after time, but what are the conditions of your household insurance policy? Do you want to keep paying $100’s of excess on your policy? The sensible solution is to enclose it within a specially designed metal unit.

Deploying weatherproof TV cases at home

Many of us are able to use our outdoor space as an integral part of our home, which includes positioning a large plasma screen outside, however you also need an outdoor protective TV casing to be able to leave the screen out all year through. Ok, so you can bring it inside and take it out again, but do you really want to keep doing that?

A flat screen weatherproof TV cases

As the evolution of electronic gadgets progresses, screens are developing into different shapes, like a thin bezel frame, therefore a flat screen outdoor enclosure is the most suitable protection on the market for home use.

DOOH Ltd, are specialists in supplying both homes and businesses with quality and cost efficient weatherproof TV cases to protect your investment.