Weatherproof LCD Enclosure or Interactive Digital Posters?

By | September 21, 2009

With the boom of the digital signage industry, many small local businesses are looking to harness this technology, so that their business can benefit. Now there are several low cost options that are available immediately, however this totally depends upon how the unit is going to be used.

Outdoor use.
A waterproof LCD enclosure is an option if the digital signage is going to be outdoors for a period of time, these protective LCD enclosures offer a safe and secure environment from the weather.

These units protect to IP65 (European standard) or NEMA (USA standard) and provide adequate protection from the rain, ice and direct sunlight. They also offer physical protection from vandals and theft.

Each unit comes with a choice of heating or cooling solutions and can come with a combined solution to cover from -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, providing all year round protection.

The use of the protective TV cases is mainly in unmanned areas due to the vulnerability of the digital signage system.

Indoor use.
However a similar solution is an interactive digital poster that can be either in the portrait or landscape orientation, depending upon your requirement. You insert the media on to the memory card and then use the onscreen menu to display you ads.

The screen is split into 9 sections, so you can then market 9 items easily and effectively from one unit. These are ideal for dentists, lawyers and reception areas to get a marketing message across.