Waterproof LCD enclosure and were to use them.

By | April 11, 2012

Waterproof LCD enclosure solutions.

Waterproof LCD enclosure units are not just used in wet or wash down environments, they can be used to protect outdoor digital signage or valuable electronics on a production line, let us look at the differences between both applications.

Waterproof LCD enclosure for production facilities.

waterproof LCD enclosure

Typical waterproof LCD enclosure

Production facilities within a factory are hostile, with not only dust and fluids present in the air; some production lines are washed down with high pressure water jets to kill bacteria in the processing areas. Now any standard hardware such as a screen or computer has to be either be a waterproof LCD or an IP rated computer, but there is an alternative and that is to use a waterproof LCD enclosure these can accommodate both the screen and a thin client in the protective casing.

Waterproof LCD enclosure housings for digital signage.

Digital signage is extensively used in both indoor and outdoor digital signage applications, but a projects investment can seriously be restricted if specific waterproof screens have to be used, this is why a waterproof LCD enclosure is a cost effective alternative. These waterproof LCD enclosures provide the necessary protection from fluids and dust and are also cooled and heated to ensure the hardware does not overheat or freeze.

Waterproof LCD enclosure security.

As you can imagine in a factory less security is required, as there are staff present most of the working day, so theft is not a real issue, this is why indoor waterproof LCD enclosures are better suited to having standard cam locks fitted.

But this is not the case when the waterproof LCD enclosures are used for outdoor digital signage, as these locations are often well populated during the day but can be considered risky locations at night, this is why a different security solution is required, such as high security locks, as a standard cam lock can be opened very quickly with basic tools and this could result in the hardware being stolen or damaged.

So selecting the right enclosure for the application is essential, as you would hate to invest in a waterproof LCD enclosure then discover the wrong unit has been purchased and the hardware is stolen, because once you renew the missing screen the thieves will be back to steal the new unit so a new secure waterproof LCD enclosure has to be purchased adding un-necessary expense to the project. Getting the right waterproof LCD enclosure is essential for any application using a screen in a hostile environment.

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