Video Wall Installations – An Installers Nightmare

By | May 6, 2010

When a video wall is conceived as the right solution for the digital signage project, there is always an issue and it comes down to the poor installer as these can be an installer’s nightmare – but not anymore.

What constitutes a video wall?

So what constitutes a video wall, it can be a three x two configuration or a six by four configuration it just depends how much money your client wants to invest in the project.

When you install a single LCD display that is to be used for digital signage, you will have to organise the 3 or 4 cables into a neat harness assembly at the back of the screen – not to difficult. Now the problem lies when you have multiple screens, so for example when you have a video wall of 24 screens all 42” size displays, now the amount of cables is a potential minefield for the installer, because now he has to deal with 100 cables.

Imagine the frustration and the extra cost involved when you discover when the video wall is complete that there is one cable not connected properly (no image on the screen). Then you trace it back to the monitor in the centre of the wall, so your next challenge is how to get to the back of the display and correct the connection. Having to unassembled the wall can add a further day to the cost of the project.

Now one company have come up with a solution that is so revolutionary after listening to installer’s feedback over years of development will make all installers and integrators lives much easier.

pop out tv mountThe solution they produced is used to offer the integrator maximum flexibility, as once the mounts are bolted to the wall the outer mounted screens can be slid to either the left or the right to access the screens next to them, another unique feature is that if you press the screen backwards, it will disengage in its lock and you can pull the screen forward 10” to work on it, then just click it back into position – perfect for centre screens.

This new solution also helps with screen maintenance, reducing hours of onsite engineer’s time.

LCD Enclosure Global use these mounts in their 50” Plus range of outdoor digital signage LCD enclosures, so that engineers reduce the amount of heavy items they have to lift, minimising health and safety issues for installers.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.