Video Wall for Mall Advertising

By | March 20, 2013

Video Wall – The Mall Experience

Video wall technology is one of the latest growing trends which are being used in the world of advertisement. The creation of commercials is still done in the traditional methods, but the display of these advertisements has changed over the years. There are many advertisers who are using this media to reach out to significantly more people than they usually do. For example, in a mall, when these advertisements are done, there are different kinds of technologies that are used.

For example, the Liquid Crystal Display, also known as the LCD screens can be used. Alternatively to this, other high definition screens made of LED’s can also be used. The advancement in the technology has made it possible to create the video wall with minimal expenditure. Also, the size or the bulk of the devices has decreased over the years. The size of the wall can also vary according to the place where the display is installed and on the area that is available. Usually, the screens are larger in a mall so that people are able to see the advertisements from a greater distance. For example, the content on the 4X4 screen will be much more visible than on the 2X2 screen.

video wall

Some of the other features of the mall advertising using the video wall include:

1. Mall advertising using touch screens: The advertisements that are created using the video display can be made interactive and give a much better experience to the people walking around in the mall if it was provided on a touch screen. When the advertisements are on a touch screen, then the user can make use of the opportunity to get to the information that they are seeking. Since there are a number of different shops in the mall and the person who has visited the mall may require some additional information about a particular store. So, if there is a menu on the video wall, about all the shops, then it can be used by the visitor to access the relevant information. This makes the touch screens more versatile than just traditional advertising.

2. Mall digital signage: The signage in the mall can be on a much bigger screen than in other places. In the places where conferences are going on and in other public areas, the size of the wall may be small and so the video wall that is created will also be on a smaller scale. On the other hand, the area that is available in the mall, especially in the central area will be quite large. This area can be utilized by the advertisers to create a huge screen where advertisements are shown.

3. Protection of Indoor video wall: The indoor walls in the mall may not require the same kind of protection as outdoor displays, but still there are various kinds of protections that are required. If there is a touch screen display, then the protection can only be minimal because many people may use it and wear and tear may cause damage over a period of years, but if the video wall is not touch screen, then there needs to be much more protection to prevent any damage to the screens. Keeping the public a safe distance, by cordoning off the area at the foot of the video wall, will protect the screens from unwanted attention – a major cause of common damage.

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