Utilizing Digital Signage within Airports

By | March 28, 2012

Digital signage within airports.

digital signage within airports

Utilizing digital signage within airports has become a huge market place for advertising companies and airport management who are both benefiting from a progressive form of computer assisted administration. With a massive amount of foot traffic passing by, digital signage is an effective modern form of promoting goods and services as well as providing a vital service for passengers checking-in.

Impact of digital signage within airports.

The impact of utilizing digital signage within airports has on customers of both the airport (check-in procedures) and those who then go on to make purchases within the airport or later on the airplane. Self service check-in is a quick and hassle free way of empowering customers to help themselves. This lessens the frustration of being in a queue and as it is a simple touch screen format, each question or course of action is an uncomplicated process. It also enables advertising companies to maximize a small amount of space on the screen to promote merchandise, goods or a provision, relevant to the customer. This can also be in the form of a QR (quick response code), which gives the customer an electronic coupon to use within the retail outlets of the airport – taking full advantage of passing trade who have time to spend in the airport as they wait for their flights. Another advantage of utilizing digital signage within airports is the reduction of ground staff and all the implications of employees.

Digital signage within airports also has its uses for flight information.

We are all quite used to the traditional flip board, where check-in times, departure gates, and delayed information is displayed, however more information can be displayed in a visually pleasing manner. The amount of information and the way its screen structure (the way it is set out) gives a much better impression to the customer. Customers are always complaining about the lack of information and so in this format, the up-to-date and ‘real time’ software alleviates passenger’s frustration. Again, a QR code can be used to allocate passengers with the complementary meal deal for their inconvenience.

Digital signage within airports can be employed in any number of ways – also including ‘selling’ advertising space to the concessionary retail outlets within the terminal, through to local (and national) businesses offering services for business people and tourists alike. Digital signage within airports can bring in additional income, with very little expenditure!

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