Using Tablets as a Form of Electronic Menu

By | June 26, 2013

Cost Effective Electronic Menu Solutions.

Electronic menu or simply e-menu is the newest addition to the QSR market revolution. The inclusion of the electronic menu in many restaurants is a way to further increase brand awareness and gain customer loyalty. It’s a modern and interactive form of ordering food which leaves a rather nice impression to the majority of people.

electronic menu

Tablets and Ipads are the most common platforms for electronic menus. These gadgets are sleek, classy, handy and surprisingly very easy and convenient to use. Digital menus are growing more and more in popularity as time passes by and their capabilities can trump what traditional paper menus can do anytime.

The Advantages of Using an Electronic Menu in Restaurants

1. Electronic menus offer more information than a paper menu. When ordering through a traditional paper menu, customers sometimes find it hard to decide which food items they would like to get based on only a small picture with a short description. They would often resort to seeking the attention of the waiters or service crew first in order to ask for clarification about the items listed on the menu. However, with the use of an electronic menu, the hassle of ordering is reduced as restaurant owners and managers have been more than happy to include a complete description of the meal as well as other pertinent information which can help the customers decide which ones to order.

2. An electronic menu can be updated or adjusted in real time. When a particular item on the menu is no longer available, it can be easily removed from the selection, thereby minimizing confusion and customer frustration. It’s also cheaper to revise, edit, or delete using e-menus.

3. Tablet menus are more customer-friendly and responsive to customer needs. It can be programmed to cater to different languages. If the menu is listed in a country’s native tongue, foreign diners or those who are not well versed in the vernacular can re-adjust the tablet to show the menu in English or some other language available. It’s one way for a restaurant to improve their customer service experience and also a step towards becoming a global entity.

4. Considering the benefits, an electronic menu for your restaurant can be seen as a low-cost investment with lots of returns.

Other Features of an Electronic Menu.

It’s not just menus that electronic tablets can host, but also games and other applications. For added customer satisfaction, the restaurant’s management may opt to load their tablets with games and other applications to keep their customers entertained while waiting to be served.

Your Business Needs an Electronic Menu.

The competition in the QSR market is becoming stiffer as more and more players join in the fray each day. In order to stay afloat in a highly competitive arena, business owners and restaurant managers must keep up with the latest trends in order to give a better customer experience. And with the way things are going, the use of electronic menu in the QSR industry is indeed a good way to entice new customers and keep them satisfied by means of a hassle-free mode of ordering.

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