Using Digital Signage in the Travel and Tourism Industry

By | June 1, 2010

Digital signage is fast becoming an acceptable part of the furnishings of a hotel.  Every where from the entrance lobby to the restaurant, bedrooms to public restrooms are featuring the unique world of electronic advertising.

This product informs the hotel guest in new ways of communication and engagement.  By using electronic billboards, the hotel management can update guests, renew restaurant menus and advertise products quickly and efficiently, with virtually no human contact, which eliminates potential down time.  In most applications this is wirelessly networked, so data can be changed in an instant.  Both individual hotels and motels, through to global chains of accommodation, can benefit from moving away from the more traditional static forms of advertising to dynamic, high resolution moving images, promoting products and services.  This is also replacing the in-room television ‘hotel channel’, which was an innovative concept of it’s time however it is time to move on.

Four major points of consideration should be thought of when planning the deployment of such media:

  • The most effective position for the hotel guests to view the screen (point of purchase, i.e. check-in desk)
  • Power supplies, as digital signage will require numerous points, both for power and network cables (though it may be possible to hook up wirelessly)
  • Where the main computer network will run from – maybe there is already a dedicated room for this technology?
  • Content management – an appointed employee(s) who has the education and appropriate information and access to run the system.

A great deal of research has been carried out to shown a massive ROI, from satisfied guests and promoting numerous products through to the sales generated in attractive ways of digital advertising.

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