Using an outdoor TV enclosure

By | January 15, 2013

Outdoor TV enclosure uses.

An outdoor TV enclosure provides protection even when you’re out, these outdoor TV enclosures protect your TV in your backyard when you’ re not there, these provide 24×7 protection.

What protection do they offer?

These protective steel housings provide all the necessary protection from rain, snow, winds, sand and even hurricanes! The outdoor TV enclosure is designed to withstand water ingress in any outdoor application, this has been tested at a unique testing laboratory and the product is rated to IP 56 or Nema 4X. This is certainly more protection than any backyard application can through at the outdoor TV enclosure. So as you can see the housing alone provides you, with year round protection from the weather.

The front access door is designed not to have any external hinges that can be broken or forced open, which is major failing of other enclosure designs. DOOH outdoor TV enclosures are all fitted as standard with high security door locks, unlike our rivals who fit standard off-the-shelf locks that are easily opened with any tools a burglar or thief would have in your pocket, such as a pocket knife! Frightening!

outdoor tv enclosure

The only way to open a DOOH outdoor TV enclosure is by using the keys supplied!

The viewing window is made from toughened glass that has an anti-reflective property built-in to it, this enables the TV housings to be installed even in direct sunlight and the television can still be seen.
The window is made from toughened glass for two reasons, the first one is should an accident happened, for example a child kick a football at the TV, the window will absorb the impact and not shatter covering the child with glass. The second reason should a burglar try to smash the viewing window to gain access to steal the TV; again the toughened glass viewing window will absorb the impact of a baseball bat or hammer.

What will the outdoor TV enclosure accommodate?

The outdoor TV housing will easily accommodate a regular off-the-shelf domestic TV and a satellite box within the same unit. The satellite box would ideally need to be mounted above the internal TV mounting bracket.

What is included with a DOOH outdoor TV enclosure?

Let us give a quick rundown of what is included in an outdoor TV enclosure:

  • Internal TV mounting bracket
  • Thermostatic heating system
  • Thermostatic cooling system
  • Anti-reflective toughened glass viewing window
  • Two high security door locks
  • Steel housing-not plastic that will crack over time
  • Hidden hinges
  • Cable access ports

How to install the DOOH outdoor TV enclosure?

Once a location in the garden has been selected, ideally on a solid block wall the home owner has to decide how high the outdoor TV enclosure is going to be mounted. If it is to be mounted flat against the wall the wall is drilled to match the house anchor points and then using anchor bolts fastened to the wall.
If mounting to a pole mount for example above a hot tub a ceiling pole may be required. Once the ceiling pole has been fitted then the housing can be lifted up and bolted to the pole mount from the rear into the 600 x 400 bolt holes that are weather sealed into the rear of the housing.

Then the uprights on the internal mounting frame are removed from the mainframe, then bolted to the back of the TV, then the entire TV and support arms are hooked on to the internal frame and then secured in position.

The satellite box can now be mounted and wired up to the TV now and all that is left to do is close the door and locked it.

DOOH USA provides various protective TV housings including their unique, high security range of outdoor TV enclosure solutions for the home market. More details can be seen at