University Grows into Digital Signage.

By | August 15, 2009

The University of Akron opened it’s doors around 1870 to 46 students, today almost 20,000 students are enrolled at the University and the campus consists of 87 buildings on 222 acres. One of the main problems with this sort of grown is dealing with the across the board communications from one building to another.

The University wanted to increase it’s “brand” and effectively communicate it’s messages across the campus so every student knew what events were on and where they were located. As well as marketing local convenience stores to the students too!

The university was looking for a cost effective marketing tool that they could control and share with other departments throughout the campus, so they decided to turn to one of America’s leading wireless digital signage integrators – Wireless Ronnin Technologies.

Initially 35 screens were deployed across the campus, to “trial” it, this included several used in the dinning hall used for menu boards! These were connected via a wireless network making for fast deployment and quick changes when needed, without the unsightly cables.

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